Both our 8 and 10 YR olds love ballet. They play pretend ballet,have ballet Barbie, have dress-up tutus and want to take lessons. They esp. love The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. I have always liked it as well and I’m happy they have an interest in something cultured and refined and not something redneck like hockey! They’re in Cubs this year but afterwards they can take ballet lessons if they’d like.It’s also a common thing for little girls to like.

I remember when I was a kid I took tap dance.It was a disaster with my perception problem I was so clumsy and unco-ordinated I kept tripping, fumbling, and messing it up. I just couldn’t ever get it right. I lagged behind the others and could never remember the steps and kept tripping over my own feet and the teacher would get so frustrated and angry and always yelled at me for being such a fuck up. I was so humiliated and embarrassed. I have always had a hard time understanding things and get confused easily. Due to my perception problem I am also very limited(I can’t drive for instance) and can’t judge space or distance, can’t read maps or follow directions, and am always bumping into things and knocking things over and getting hurt  because I think I have more space than I actually do.I also mix up numbers and letters , reverse things,etc. I hate always being different and having a hard time with everything.I think dance is beautiful and graceful too although I could never do it myself.