Harder To Be A Guy?

 I heard this old song on the radio where a guy is sadly  questioning why his girl is treating him so badly; he laments, “You won’t dance with me, you won’t hold hands with me…” and goes on to say in school she says he’s a fool and “Why are you treating  me so bad?” It got me thinking: even though it is hard being a girl maybe it’s even harder to be a guy….

Being a girl it’s hard to wait and see if a guy you like likes you back(in my case they never did). Generally what we do is secretly swoon over him and giggle about him with our friends(and fantasize about our wedding and practice how their last name would sound as ours and practice kissing with our stuffed toys and doodle love things on our notebooks in school) and then have one of our friends either phone or ask him if he likes us and have them report back.If the answer is no then we never have to risk letting the guy know we liked him in the first place and save embarrassment and rejection, and if the answer is yes, then we can approach him.It is hard waiting and wondering and hoping he’ll ask us on a date or to dance or whatever but then it made me think…..

I think it must be a lot harder for guys; they have much more “pressure” on them. Think about it: THEY are traditionally the ones to approach a girl they like and ask her out or to dance. They have a probable chance of being rejected, sometimes even cruelly.They have to have the courage and the self-esteem and confidence to approach her and ask her out, risking she may say no or even call him a loser or even worse. They are taking a really big chance and a bigger “risk” than the girl is. All she basically has to do is wait for him to approach her! It would esp. be hard if the guy is shy or not the typical type of guy(such as a nerd, dork, or geek, unattractive, overweight,etc.) that girls generally like.

The same goes for proposing marriage although I’d think the risk is less since obviously she likes him as they’ve been dating, but there still is the chance she’ll reject his marriage proposal.It’s hard being a girl trying to attract a guy you like(at least it is for ugly girls like me,anyway) and it’s a nuisance having a period for a week every month(complete with cramps!) for years, but overall I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s harder to be a guy.