We found out the mystery of who was pounding on our door at 21:00 the other night(we didn’t answer; it was too late): it was the contractor who is to do our insurance repairs! Why on earth he came so late when it was dark and can’t see a thing is beyond me but he SAYS he’ll start the work next weekend…

We got a new flat-screen TV as our old one is now 8 YRS old and it has all these squiggly lines all going across it. It looks weird though;it’s so flat and so thin it looks like an over-sized laptop computer or a giant iPad.It didn’t come with a stand either(we have to go out an buy one, yet another added expense!) so it’s now on the coffee table which looks incredibly tacky. You can also mount it on the wall but I think that’ll look stupid and I fear will fall off and leave huge chunks out of the wall and ruin the paint. No thanks. We gave the old TV to the neighbours next door. Maybe they can just have a part replaced or something.

We have to go get stuff at Wal-Mart later today as well and for a second there I almost forgot it’s occult Hallowe’en.If the cashiers  say “Happy Hallowe’en!” to us we’ll just politely reply, “We don’t celebrate it!” At least it’s the LAST we’ll have to see and hear about it shoved in our faces everywhere we go and it’ll finally be OVER for another year, thank God! Tonight is the night we stay indoors, turn the lights off,bring the garbage cans and porch chairs inside, don’t answer the door, and pretend we’re not home.

Every day I feed bread to the squirrels and they,just like the kids, don’t eat the crusts, either! They pick them off and toss them away! They even come nattering at me to give them their  nibbles if I’m outside and I’ve forgotten. We always have the same 4 ones,too: 2 black and 2 brown with grey mix, one of which is blind in one eye, poor thing.

The 8 YR old got the 4 YR old with the “Losersayswhat?” joke and he goes, “What?” and she laughs, “You’re a loser!” It works every time!

Time to start looking for Advent calenders again soon.



Spiritual Fat Farm?

 I was e-mailing the temple manager at the ashram and was told they serve 2 small meals a day consisting of rice, lentils, veggies,and flat bread. It costs 50 rupees( 1.25$) each. They also have a restaurant where I can get another meal for around 6$. It will be like a spiritual fat farm almost; eating so little, but the good of it is I’ll likely lose 40 pounds the month I’m there! They didn’t say if drinks are incl. though or if they’re extra too; already the 60$ I originally thought was my food budget has shot up to 300$! Shit.

More and more expenses keep being added on and I worry I won’t have enough $$$. My mother snickered if I don’t then she’ll even take out a loan and I can pay her back as she’s so eager to get me out of here. They also said I can use my credit card to pay for the apt. and the electric bill for it but everything else has to be in rupees(cash) and suggested I can use an ATM, but the problem with that is I’ve never used one of those in my LIFE; I’m not good with machines and technical things(It’s a miracle I can even use the computer, actually!) and they don’t work for me.They are also way too complicated for me and I get confused, can’t understand it, get all flustered and frustrated and can’t understand the instructions. I tried Interac once and at the retailer’s it was always rejected and said I didn’t have the $$$$ which I DID and it was sooo embarrassing, so I gave up on that.I also tried a $$$ exchange machine on a cruise ship and it never worked for me. I tried it over 6 times and it kept shooting my $$$ back  out yet when the guy in line behind me tried it, it worked for him. Figures. I just use my credit card everywhere I go, so I guess I’ll have to just bring rupees WITH me to pay for everything; I just hope I don’t get robbed! My hubby makes fun of me too for not being able to do everyday things like ATM’s,banking, taxes, etc. and taunts me because I have trouble learning new things.

They also said a guy comes and takes your laundry and does it for you and returns it in 24 HRS but it costs extra TOO; 15 rupees(about 30 cents) for each piece, so I think what I’ll do is just hand-wash my underwear and T-shirts(I wear under my sari) in the sink and hang them to dry and just leave the rest to do for when I get home. I always have to choose the cheapest options to save $$$.In my budget I totally even forgot about the expenses of insurance and overnight hotels if I leave for really early morning flight or return really late at night and so may have to forgo those added expenses….

My expenses are as follows for the 4 week stay:

300$ for the apartment

100$ for electric(so they told me anyway; it may be more or less)

300$ food

100$ airport taxi(2 ways) in New Delhi

200$ airport taxi here(both ways)

1500$ airfare.

…so that’s a grand total of 2500$ and I only had budgeted 3000$ in total,and that doesn’t even incl. insurance,visa, tours, hotel or spending $$$. I could cut corners and save $$$ by having my hubby drop me off and pick me up at the airport instead of hiring a ride but it’s a 2 HR drive each way so he won’t do it.Yet, I really need this, it’s something I need and want to do, and so I’ll find a way to make it work and to get the $$$. Already as it is I’m saving up every single cent. There just always seems to be so many extra expenses and road blocks that keep popping up to complicate things, but for me nothing ever  comes “easy”. If there has to be a more difficult way, complications, or problems of any sort, it will ALWAYS happen to me. I’m unlucky like that. Nothing can ever just go smoothly, without hassles or struggles. I have to fight for everything.

Is Hippo’s Milk Pink?

 I heard that hippo’s(one of my fave. animals; I can relate to them; fat, my fave. colour purple, like to swim and lay out in the sun) milk is pink but can’t find anything for sure to verify it as truth or not. Besides, who has ever actually even milked a hippo to find out?

We have this pink strawberry syrup the kids mix in with their milk so now they call it “Hippo milk.” (I guess that’s where strawberry milk comes from?) 🙂

Are Mormons Christians?

 It’s all over the news how a Mormon politician is running for something-or-other in the US gov’t(for president  or senate or who-knows-what) and he’s being vilified for his LDS(Latter-Day Saints) faith and people saying that Mormons aren’t Christian.(As if it even matters what religion the guy is as long as he’s capable of doing a good job!)

What crap.

First of all, just look at their NAME: The Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter-Day Saints. That about says it all; Jesus is in their name. Guess that answers the question as to whether or not they believe in Jesus. Secondly, by definition the meaning of the word “Christian” is defined by anyone who believes in Jesus, specifically that He was God’s Son and our Saviour.Guess that pretty much clears that one up, huh? Their argument is that because they don’t believe in the Trinity(God in 3 Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) that doesn’t make them Christian, except they DO believe in Jesus, they just think that the 3 are separate entities instead of all 3 in the same package but they still do believe in all 3.

I was myself LDS for 3 years, incl. being baptized  and initiated into the temple. They are good, moral, family-oriented righteous people. I didn’t leave due to the people but rather as time went on I found increasing falsehoods and doctrine that weirded me out and that I found bizarre and could not accept, such as the prophet Joseph Smith’s private life and that I think he was a phony and a fraud and wrote the Book Of Mormon based on the Bible just changing dates, places and names, and certain beliefs such as polygamy in the Celestial Kingdom(the highest of the 3 “stages” of Heaven), that God was once a man and than we can become “gods”, that God has a “wife” and that men can inhabit their own planets and have many wives, become “gods” and have numerous “spirit” children,and the very high re-marriage turnover rate. The temple was freaky too, with them touching certain body parts under your robe at initiation, talk of slitting your throats and dis-embowling yourselves, dressing up in funny hats and aprons and looking like bakers, secret Masonic handshakes, etc.

Say what they want about LDS but I stand by my belief that they are good people.There is no conspiricy to take over the world and they ARE most definitely Christian.I think it’s just more Christian-bashing and trying to discredit someone due to their religious beliefs. I’m not American but if I was I would certainly prefer to vote for a Mormon(who is pro-life and has family and godly values and high morals and standards) than  a Liberal who condones  and legalizes sin, thinks abortion is ok,and is corrupt and wordly and likely has the moral code of a red-ass baboon.At least with the Mormon he’s presumably honest.At least they’re Christian and their lifestyle,beliefs and politics  reflects those values.

In other news, we got the snow tires put on the van but the half-assed rednecks here returned the wrong tires! People here are all so inept and incompetent. The 4th contractor we’d called to come do insurance repairs also never showed up like he said he would either, as expected, just like all the others. No one here is reliable,or  dependable, and are irresp0nsible and unreliable.Now we’re right back to where we started.Shit.

That’s all I have for now. Now back to our regularly scheduled program: my life in a state of near constant personal crisis.

Do I Have Alzheimer’s?

 I seriously wonder if maybe I have Alzheimer’s or at the very least dementia of some sort. Seriously. No joke. I know I’m only 44 but my brain has been declining. I noticed it about 4-5 years ago but it’s getting increasingly worse over time. I know it’s kind of early(it’s usually not until 70’s or 80’s) but might it be early onset?  Or is it merely stress or something else?Consider the following:

I always forget things, even people’s names(I used to be very GOOD at remembering before) and prayers I’ve known by heart for years.My mind just goes blank. I get confused easily, have trouble understanding things(incl. things I used to know before and never used to struggle with),can’t do basic math,follow directions or instructions, I repeat things, reverse letters and words(like dyslexia, but I wasn’t ALWAYS like this; that’s the thing) have trouble processing words and reading, have brain “fog”, I use the wrong words or forget words for common things, I can’t remember where I leave things, etc. I am also depressed,frustrated, angry, and withdrawn which I also found out are symptoms.My family also taunts and makes fun of me for it,to, adding to my woes.

I know it sounds weird at my age, but could it be possible? I mean, SOMETHING is wrong with my brain and it keeps getting worse. I have definite cognitive deficits I didn’t have before.A brain tumour might be another possible explanation( and I DO get immobilizing headaches, get dizzy and bump into things as well.)It just makes me think and is one of those things that makes you go ,”Hmmmmm” and I wonder how much WORSE it’ll GET? Will I end up a totally mindless fool and not be able to remember anything eventually, incl. recognize my own family or my own name? Will I be “out to lunch” and a case of “The lights are on but nobody’s home?”

I read Alzheimer’s is a terminal disease and typically has a 7-10 YR span until it ends in death. If that is indeed what I DO have then I will die before I’m 50 afterall, just as I’ve always felt my entire life, ever since I was a kid. The good is at least I won’t remember all the bad things that happened to me….but I also won’t be able to eventually remember the GOOD things either, and happy memories are all I have now to hold on to.Will I also need to be fed and changed like a baby, unable to even do basic care for myself, and if so, then who will do it? I don’t want to live like that and be a mere “shell” of myself; trapped in a helpless body with a vacant mind..a chilling prospect,but I guess if my mind is completely gone then  I won’t be aware of my situation either, right?

In other news, USA is now having a big snowstorm in several states and we live in Canada and still haven’t had ANY snow here where we are  yet(although it has been below 0C overnight and had frost).It’s not fair; the Americans ALWAYS get everything before us!  🙂

Also saw a GINOROUS raccoon on the veranda; it waddled and was so slow it could hardly move. Reminded me of when I was prego.


 Recently I saw a news documentary about a polygamous community, an off-shoot of Mormons, where some 12 men lived and over 100 women. One guy had 130 kids himself with his 15 wives! It was very interesting. How do I feel on the subject? The Supreme Court is hearing now to possibly either legalize polygamy(also called Plural Marriage) or to uphold the current laws that make the religious based practice illegal.

I am kind of torn on the issue; the people interviewed on the news show seemed like nice enough normal people otherwise.They came across as likeable and not weird,fanatical, or fringe. I figure if they aren’t bothering anyone then why not just leave them be, but disturbing reports also exist of forcing young girls as young as 12 and 13 into forced marriage with much older men and of shipping off young men so the women will be available for the old coots. This aspect certainly does concern me as well as accusations of abuse, which they deny and say it’s just their religious beliefs and way of life being attacked and to outsiders( of any faith group) there are aspects that seem weird to others.When you look at the Old Testament in the Bible polygamy WAS a very common practice at that time as well.

I certainly DO see religious persecution of these people without a doubt and that’s not right and very clearly in society God and religion is being erased. Just here the City Council has voted to get rid of the reading of The Lord’s Prayer before session and in schools they ban Christmas pageants and parties yet still allow occult Hallowe’en(and interesting to note as well how hostile so many are in trying to defend the evil celebration as well!) so religious persecution IS alive and well in society today.

In the end, more so than not I figure let them be. They have the right to their religious and cultural beliefs just like everyone else and as long as no forced marriages or abuse is taking place, what’s the big deal? If they all consent then why should it be a concern, and if gay “marriage” is allowed then why not polygamy? I certainly don’t think they should be jailed over it; save the jails for the REAL criminals; the actual dangerous ones that threaten citizens, such as murderers, rapists, child molesters and the like and leave the peaceful polygamous communities alone. I personally don’t find it appealing but to each his own and at least they DO have kids and value family!