All Soul’s Day.

 Today is All Soul’s Day, a day the Church has designated to remember and to pray for, the dead, mainly to pray for their souls, that they make it to Heaven. Interceding for the dead can be very effective. I believe in Mexico it’s also called The Day of The Dead. I pray for all those who have died, but esp. for my relatives, all the babies and children, victims of war,famine,crime, and natural disasters,for those that died recently,and those who are likely that no one else will pray for(but that by all accounts are “bad guys” and need the prayers the most!!) such as Moammar Khadafi. There is hope for everyone,even if it seems hopeless, and our prayers for the dead can mean all the difference. God hears our prayers,and when we die wouldn’t we want someone to pray for US?

The Flu Shot.

 They’re at it again; the same as EVERY fall; pushing everyone to get their annual Flu shot. The problem is it’s always for last year’s strain and isn’t always effective for this year’s and in fact, I even heard it has only around a 60% effectiveness and only 30-40% of the population even gets it even though they act like EVERYONE does but you,and when my mother worked before she retired they practically chased her down the hallway at work to try and persuade her to get the shot, which she never did. None of us do.

Everyone I have known that has gotten the shot has always ended up really sick, in the ICU sick and some even almost died. Certainly alot sicker than if they’d  just had the Flu! The side-effects can be bad and we just don’t think it’s worth it. Besides, as it is now we have a 50% chance of getting the Flu(actually probably even less than that) and generally we only get it about every 5 YRS, so we figure: near 100% chance of getting really sick from the vaccine….or half the chance(or less) of catching the Flu. I think I’ll take my chance with the Flu, plus if you’ve had it, it makes your immune system even stronger, not to mention “herd immunity”; that if alot of people have protection from the vaccine it in return protects the others from exposure as well.

You also wonder if it really IS a Flu vaccine, or perhaps something more sinister, like sterilization, or a microchip tracking device that they’re really putting in there, esp. since the gov’t can’t be trusted, they’re so zealously pushing this AND they cover the cost, and since WHEN do they CARE about the well-being of their citizens? The Bible also said in the Last Days people will “marked with the sign of the Beast”, so who knows? Something must be “up”! Either way, we don’t trust it, we never get it, and we’re no worse for the wear!