Shark Fin Soup Ban.

 Ok, now how stupid is THIS: I heard on the news Toronto City Council(all but 4 of them, incl. the mayor) has voted to ban shark fin soup! Big Brother Nanny State is at it again, telling us what to do and what to eat.(If they’re serious what they SHOULD be banning is alcohol and cigarettes!) Shark Fin soup is a Chinese delicacy, generally served at weddings and pricey,too, costing 100$ a bowl. It is a big part of Chinese culture and banning it is comparable to telling Indians that they can no longer cook with curry; it’s a part of their heritage.

It’s all due to the animal rights freakos,as always, a small but zealous minority dictating and  forcing their will on everyone else. They say it’s cruel and inhumane as they hack off the fins for use and toss the rest of the shark back into the ocean left to bleed to death. I think it’s fair though; sharks kill PEOPLE so this is pay back! If they stop killing sharks their population will explode and even MORE surfers, swimmers and scuba divers will be killed by them. Personally Shark Fin soup isn’t something I’d want to eat, but I have nothing against others doing so if they so choose.I mean, who the hell CARES?

I am tired of intrusive gov’t’s banning, regulating and controlling everything,and it’s always stupid things too! Things that really matter and that ARE dangerous, unhealthy, immoral or wrong they continue to allow or hardly penalize, such as alcohol and drunk driving .What next, ban fast food because they don’t like fat people? They’ve already banned vending machines in some schools and bottled water. What will fall victim next to the Nanny State? I don’t know why they even CARE so much what those animal freaks think and say,anyway and why they have such influence over anything! They’re just flaky!

In unrelated news, yesterday it was mild 13C and I was sitting out in the backyard and a squirrel jumped off the fence right at me! It freaked me out and I screamed and it took off like a bat out of hell! It’s just that it startled me and out of nowhere and I wasn’t expecting it.

As well, I was watching a TV show and the TV just shut off and the screen went all black and of COURSE it HAD to happen when my hubby’s not here(as always) when he’s the only one who knows what to do. It’s still like that; no one has any idea how to fix it.He also thinks I’m useless as I can’t do anything. We got a new stand as well and this one’s a dark brown wood and stronger than the last glass one and hasn’t broken….not yet anyway, so far so good…