Those Cheating Liberals!

 The lying cheating corrupt Liberals were just voted a minority gov’t in the provincial election last month and already they are up to their old sneaky under-handed tricks! There is this gas pipeline or something-or-other along those lines that they’d promised during their election campaign that they would stop if they got elected….and already they are still building it and things are being shipped to it and added on, and when they were confronted over it their lame excuse was it’s “more complicated” than they thought to get rid of it. Yeah, right guys.You lying dirt-bags.

As well, they tried to under-mine the election results by trying to convince an Opposition Party member(either in the NDP or Conservatives) to “defect” to the Liberals; to leave their party and join them by bribing them with a Cabinet post position in return as they are just short 1 member to having a majority gov’t. which would allow them to do what they want without needing approval from the Opposition Parties even though that’s NOT what the people voted.

There was also a Conservative MP that was considering running for Speaker(I am sure the Liberals convinced him to), and in doing so, would leave his party with 1 member short and allow the Liberals to have a majority.Fortunately there was a huge uproar over it and they were vilifying the traitor and he had no support from either his party or the NDP as doing so would mean betrayal and disloyalty to his own party and  handing over a “gift” to the Liberals so in the end he ended up withdrawing his application. The Liberals also announced once again they will raising taxes and hydro bills. WHY anyone voted for these conniving dishonest yahoos for this 3rd term is unthinkable and beyond any logic. They will stop at NOTHING; they are power-hungry and will do anything to grab that majority gov’t; incl. lie, cheat, whatever it takes. They are a disgrace and a national shame.They suck! I would rather vote for Khadafi than them!!

In other news, my hubby wrongly accuses me of “discouraging learning” and “wanting the kids to be dumb” as with our homeschooling I allow them days off and holidays to unwind and de-stress so they won’t burn out and end up hating it, but he wants them to study 24/7 and never have any breaks. He’s a slave-driver and also doesn’t understand that some people(like me) DO struggle with math and that it doesn’t come easy for everyone like it does for him.He has NO tolerance or sympathy but just gets angry. Our 8 YR old is struggling and she gets frustrated and he gives her a hard time and now she thinks she’s dumb and calls herself a “dumbhead” etc. and when I tell her she’s NOT she sobs, “Papa says I am!” As for me, with my Asperger’s and perception problem I also don’t understand analogies, idioms and palindromes.

I hate our new TV as well; these annoying things always keep popping up on the screen obstructing the picture and I have NO idea how to get rid of it and I ask my hubby to disable it so it won’t keep happening but he refuses and says HE likes it and wants it(and we all know what *I* want doesn’t matter or count and my opinion means nothing) and he thinks I’m useless as well because I can’t do anything. I hate all this complicated  technology stuff. I just want a TV you turn on and off and can mute commercials and redneck sports on the news and be able to switch channels.It gets me so mad and flustered.