Christmas Lights.

 Every year my hubby and I have problems with the outdoor Christmas lights and every year we fight over them. Sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it. Last year we kept them up for the first time all year(but turned off) since there’s so many it takes days to undo them all,and then days each year to put them back up again and it’s such a time-consuming hassle  and my hubby always dawdles in doing it snapping he’s busy, and doesn’t have time,etc. and I’d do them myself if I could but I can’t. This year, however, the squirrels chewed thru about 8 or so strands and they had to be replaced.In total we have approx. 52 or so strands!!

My hubby complained he’s not spending 30$ on a strand of lights and will wait until they go on sale, but the problem with THAT is that might not be until the usual Boxing Day sale 26 Dec. and by then it’s already after Christmas and too late! We didn’t want to risk missing out on the lights this year because he’s cheap so my mother and I had to pay half or else he wouldn’t replace them. Problem number one. Christmas is the one time of the year we spend $$$ and aren’t cheap.

Then it took him “forever” to get started testing them and replacing them before it gets too cold and snowy, but he finally got around to it(I was afraid it would end up like the porch carpet; took him forever and what he SAID would take a weekend ended up taking 3 WEEKS to complete!) and we were yelling and fighting over it.Problem number two. Then once he got started half of them didn’t even work.Problem number three. Then they got working but kept blowing fuses. Problem number four. Now I THINK they are finally all ok and seem to be working. We turn them on 27Nov. when Advent begins and run them nightly until 1 Jan.With us nothing can ever be simple or go easy but always complicated and have problems. Guaranteed. There’s ALWAYS something…

Now he says he even wants to add more, but it’ll look tacky and over-done like Snoopy’s doghouse.He wants those gaudy gigantic inflatable blow-up Santas and lit-up reindeer as well but NO WAY! I want it TASTEFULLY done, and NOT to be so  lit up and look like the Las Vegas strip!