Poppy Patrol.

 Yesterday the 3 of our kids in Air Cadets had to sell poppies for Remembrance Day.(I don’t wear them myself as it might appear that I support the military and I don’t after they imposed their will on Afghanistan and killed innocent civilians) and of course they got the times mixed up as always. They never pay attention or listen. They told us it started at 10 am when it was really 9 am so they showed up an HR late. Then they said it ended at 16:00 when it actually ended at 13:00 and my hubby was out and unable to pick them up so they had to walk home. They did the same thing at Drill practice last week;too: the 13 YR old told me it ended at 19:00 and told my hubby it ended at 19:30 so when he went to pick them up he was told it went until 20:30.I swear those kids  need to be more attentive!!

I also found out the ashram serves meals at 9am and Noon and the restaurant opens from 18:00-21:00 but I forgot to ask if they supply bed linens or if I have to bring my own and if they provide clean towels on a regular basis or if I have to pay the 30 cents apiece to get them laundered,and if so I’ll just have to air-dry after my shower; everything for us is always about how to save $$$.

My mother was also furious and said it’s “horribly cruel” I said that being a bad mother runs in the family, even though it’s true. Her mother was a bad mother, and so was she, and I never knew, or learned how to, love, and so you can’t give what you haven’t got.It’s like a sickness that just gets passed down,almost like a family curse.I don’t think either of us should have had kids. She leaves on her cruise in 2 weeks as well and I’ll be glad she’ll be gone for a week. For her it’ll also be like going backwards from fall into summer and stepping back into summer again, but here it was 13C I even got sunburn on my face from being outside several HRS; in NOVEMBER; who’d ever think?

I hate being dumb too: I couldn’t figure out how to program the new microwave for setting the time back an HR so it’ll be an HR ahead of all the other clocks now! I’m such a stooge!  😦