Of all the places I’ve been to(33 countries so far) Greece is one of my faves(as well as Italy and Hawaii). I was saddened to hear of their perilous economic situation, where they may not be able to pay off their loans and default and the entire country goes bankrupt.(I can’t even begin to imagine what this would mean) They don’t deserve this to happen to them. The PM Papandreou was the “fall guy” in this case; the one they blamed for everything and he was forced to resign and a new interim gov’t will be formed  until a new election in order to try and stabilize the situation with whoever winning basically has to accept the austerity measures.

I have to say I feel sorry for the PM as he’s been blamed for all of this and everyone hates the poor guy even though the economy is hitting everyone hard, not only in Greece and the rest of the European Union but worldwide. Papandreou had said originally he wanted to take it to a referendum where the people vote if they agree to the austerity measures(such as higher taxes,lower wages, and working more years until retirement) needed to pay back the debt or if they choose to default and he was criticized for this but I can see his point: there have been massive strikes, protests and demonstrations due to the cuts and measures imposed and if it were taken to a vote what the people wanted then they couldn’t protest saying it was imposed on them.Plus, it DOES affect them (and badly no matter how you look at it) either way so they should have a decision in the matter what they choose.I think he was trying to prevent more violence or perhaps even a revolt! It seems whenever anyone does something that needs to be done(esp. when it is unpopular) that they are reviled for it and in his case(just as with the Italian PM as well) he was forced to resign.

I guess someone has to take the blame.It will be interesting to see what happens to Greece and their economy though,as well as Italy who is also in danger of defaulting and their economy is even bigger! I don’t see how they can be booted out of the EU though; it would be like telling Mexico to leave North America, but they can’t; they’re part of it and you can’t just be forced to leave. I guess all they could do is just simply refuse to lend them any more $$$…