It’s Official.

 It’s official. I told the people at the ashram that I won’t be going afterall. The final “straw” was when they said for me to get drinks I’d have to walk 15 min. to the store. Now, with my breathing problem I can’t even walk 10 minutes here to church(my hubby has to drive) so can you IMAGINE doing so in 42 C heat? I’d pass out! I can easily drink 3-4 litres a day in the heat as well and it’s just not do-able.

I feel like I failed yet again. Yet another plan of mine that didn’t work out. My hubby said it sounds like they’re “nickeling and diming me to death” and that about says it all. Everything was extra, and not incl. and the costs just kept going up.I have no more plans, hopes, dreams, or goals for the future anymore now(since nothing works out anyway) and I guess now I’ll just have to limit myself to looking forward to “small” things instead, such as snow, Christmas,and summer. It feels like I’m just waiting to die, nothing else left to do.

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