Redneck Dogs.

 Yesterday it was a glorious 17 C out and I even got a sunburn on my face….yes, in NOVEMBER! Usually at this time it would be snowing but here I am, still sitting outside!

Which brings me to something that drives me nuts: I sit out in the sun  on the front veranda and watch the people go by. Now you’d THINK people going by walking their dogs wouldn’t have the nerve to let them pee and ca-ca on our grass while I’m sitting right there but they still DO! Can you believe it? What nerve, what gall! Not too surprising though I guess considering they’re all a bunch of rude rednecks with no manners or respect for other people’s property! I have only seen 2 people that pick up their dog’s turds as well but it’s a rarity; usually they just leave it there! What losers!!

Now, normally I’d tell them off good, but the people here are the type of people that you don’t want to aggravate for fear of reprisals; I just glare at them and give them a dirty look but don’t actually say anything(just in my head!) for fear they’d come back and smash a brick thru the window or something to get “back” at us, but I mean, people here SUCK! They have NO manners or common courtesy and think nothing of letting their dog shit everywhere.White trash.

I am seriously considering putting a sign up on the lawn that says “Caution! Pesticides in use!” hoping maybe that’ll scare them off; if they think their dogs might get poisoned maybe that’ll keep them off?People here suck; low-rent individuals. I wish I could move.

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