Remembrance Day.

 Today is Remembrance Day, a day originally to remember those that died in both World Wars fighting tyranny, gaining our freedom and I supported that and used to wear the poppy in significance, however now they also incl. the current military, which is imposing it’s will in Afghanistan and killing innocent civilians,and has no business being there(and since when was Afghanistan ever a threat to us?) and I do not support the military today and no longer wear the poppy in protest as people would wrongly think I support them and I don’t. The town I live in is also a very pro-military town and everyone has those “Support the troops” things on their cars and windows.. The military now is NOT the same as it was then. Their mandate has changed.Then it was to defend freedom, now it is to impose their will on foreign nations.

The 3 of our kids in Air Cadets also took part yesterday in the 24 HR vigil at the War Memorial. Their shift lasted 12 HRS. There have also been numerous thefts of the poppy boxes(where you sell poppies and people put donations in the box) in widespread areas by various thieves which I think is just low. The Air Cadets also sold the poppies and were informed that one of the boxes at the legion or store or wherever it was, got stolen.

This Remembrance Day I do think about, thank, and pray for the souls, of those who died in WWI and WWII and I also pray for peace and an end to war. I commemorate it the way it used to be.