The Pipeline.

 It’s in the news about the Keystone XL oil pipeline sending oil from Alberta to Texas to be refined, passing thru several US states. The problem seems to be enviro-freaks in Nebraska fighting it and now it has been either postponed or possibly even cancelled and they are looking for an alternate route that bypasses Nebraska. They have environmental concerns. Don’t they ALWAYS?

I think the pipeline is a good idea; it will create thousands of jobs for both Canada and USA,and the Americans will be getting oil from an ally instead of buying it from some dictator in some regime, or killing people in Iraq, so this makes the most sense.Another option might also be to just build a refinery in Alberta; it lasts longer and would create even more jobs. I remember when I was in the Middle East seeing refineries everywhere and seeing the flames shooting out the top, lighting up the night sky. It was quite a sight actually.

What I also don’t get is why anyone even listens to those enviro-freaks anyway. They care more about the earth than about jobs for people in a struggling economy on the brink of recession.Besides, oil IS natural so what’s the problem? I can’t see why they have so much influence and why what they say matters so much. They should just dismiss these granola-crunching nutjobs for what they are and  tell them “Screw you!” and build the pipeline anyway.I hope they do.


I just heard PM Harper said if the Americans do NOT allow this crucial pipeline to be built then he’ll sell the oil to China instead. GOOD FOR HIM!!