I remember when I was a kid how much I LOVED the weekends and how I always looked forward to them when I was in school. It was a nice 2 days away from the torture of school and the hell of daily bullying. Saturdays I would go down to the Eaton Centre mall and shop(with either my mother or friends)and eat out. I would also hang out with friends either at their house or mine or go somewhere with them. In winter I would go skating at the rink at our school or at City Hall or at a nearby park with friends. In spring my friends and I would go to the park or to Centre Island.

I still enjoy weekends now as a break for 2 days from homeschooling, but I REALLY enjoyed and appreciated them as a kid and always looked forward to them and did as much as I could do over those 2 glorious days each week….and sometimes I’d just stay home, sleep in,relax,and do nothing. Now the summer is over I appreciate them more once again; they don’t mean as much during the summer when every day’s a day off anyway, but when I was in school I lived for the weekends and it was my small escape from the realities of my life.I can still clearly remember I lived for them.