Michael Jackson Murdered?

 The jury has decided that Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray is  guilty of manslaughter and he could get 4 YRS in jail. He gave him a powerful anesthetic and he died but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it murder. I would think it’s a combination of factors that caused his death, none of them intentional. I believe he was a drug addict with a body in a weakened state and the doc gave him a drug that he shouldn’t have(he gave it to him to help him sleep but it’s an anesthetic to be used in surgery in a controlled monitored setting) and between the two factors it killed him. I think Dr. Murray was merely the “fall guy”; the guy blamed as they feel someone has to pay even though it was a tragic accident.

I’m just glad this case is finally over; it had WAY too much media coverage and it was a case of over-kill. It was everywhere and over done.It’s good it’s finally done and over with and hopefully now we won’t have to hear about it again. I was getting tired of it long ago.