Gay Penguins?

 Our oldest loves penguins. They are his fave. animal and I think they are endearing too, looking dapper in their little “tuxedos” and recently there has been this huge uproar about a couple of penguins at the Toronto Zoo, 2 males that are close and always hanging around together, that people have dubbed the “gay penguins!”

The problem is they are always together and show no interest towards the females and display “bonding” behaviours and they are an endangered species and the zoo officials plan to separate them and introduce them to females in order to breed and propagate the species and animal-freaks and gay rights activists are outraged and have even threatened zoo officials saying it’s “cruel”,they’ll be heart broken, etc. Give me a break!

Maybe they’re just like the Ernie and Bert of the penguin world; just room-mates or best friends? A “bro-mance?” They are reading way more into this than is necessary,over reacting, and not everything has to be turned into  a gay issue all the time. I guess by separating them and placing them with females then we’ll have our answer: if they pair off and mate with the females then they’re not “gay” and if they show no interest and pine for eachother than perhaps they are, but this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion and people have over-reacted and taken it too far. I mean, they’re PENGUINS for pete’s sake! Don’t people seriously have better things to worry about?