Bad Taste Benetton.

 The clothing store Benetton is known for it’s graphic, outrageous and controversial ads and marketing campaigns, such as human hearts, blood-soaked clothing, AIDS, etc. and this newest campaign is no different. This time the slogan is “unhate” and shows fake photographic images of “enemies” kissing on the mouth, incl. various world leaders and the Pope.

There is an uproar over this being that it is tasteless, and the Vatican has even threatened legal action over it, saying it’s disrespectful. I think the message itself is good, one of peace and non-violence however the way they went about it is in poor taste. I think legal action is going a bit over board considering the media does have freedom, but I do agree it’s tacky and not in good taste. It wouldn’t cause me to boycott the company,though, but I don’t shop there anyway simply because the clothes are too expensive!

In other news, the guy next door finally cut down that annoying apple tree that hangs over the fence onto our pool, so this means I no longer have the aggravation of scooping out blossoms, apples(I call “crapples” as they are crab apples and crappy apples=crapples), and leaves daily, and this should also cut down on the algae, and give the pool more sun(now the shade of trees is gone) and make for warmer water. They’d cut down 3 trees, leaving one sole lonely maple. I wonder if he’s grateful he alone survived, or if he misses his friends? 🙂 I also saw a squirrel with pink bald patches where it’s lost fur and made up a game where we toss beanbags into the opened mailbox! My back also hurts so much(I feel like to barf and scream with the pain) the past few days(I’ve always had a bad back but this is extreme) I need the heating pad several times a day and muscle pain meds don’t work….I wonder if I maybe even have a tumour or something pressing on my spine?