Bon Voyage!!

 My mother’s left on her week Caribbean cruise. She’s going to Nassau, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas. This is her 3rd time to the Caribbean and I’ve been twice. She went on her own to get away, for a break where she won’t have to do anything, just relax. It’s also a break for me as well, away from her: none of her  meddling, snide remarks, hateful comments, or pampering the 4 YR old for a week! For her it will be like stepping out of fall into summer and for me it will be like a holiday away from her….too bad she can’t stay there forever though!

As well, my oldest said he has 2 Hare Krishna friends and he was talking to them and said that *I* should convert and become one(and I do admire them and their austere lifestyle) too as it turns out they have the same beliefs and high moral standards and clean living that I do….and I’m already bald! 🙂