The Squirrel Guardian.

 Some people wrongly think I don’t care about animals because I value human life and human  welfare and need above that of animals but it’s not true. Although I DO have my priorities straight I do  think it’s wrong to wantonly kill animals just for the sake of killing them, such as hunting,which I think is barbaric, unless, of course, you’re doing it for food or clothing(like the Natives) but not just for a trophy to hang on the wall! I DO roll my eyes at  fanatics like PETA(who think they have the “right” to tell us what to eat and wear, even though no one needs their “permission” for anything) but I don’t hate animals.

In fact, you can even call me the Squirrel Guardian as I feed the local squirrels(as well as the birds and chipmunks) daily( bread crumbs, raisins, and popcorn) and they come up to me knowing I feed them and would never hurt them and in fact, sometimes even come up to me and natter and twitter telling me to give them more food! (My aunt used to feed squirrels too by leaving nuts on the windowsill and this one squirrel would even bang on the window for food!) At once I have even had 8 squirrels at once on the grass eating!

I recognize the same individuals over and over again and there’s 3 I feel sorry for: 2 blind ones that look like they don’t even have any eyes,and one who I think must have mange; I can see pink bald patches where there’s no fur. I also rescued a baby squirrel twice from a nasty cat! One also died in our yard and I buried it in the garden. I think they are beautiful animals, so cute, and I enjoy sitting outside watching them.They’re quite fascinating, really.

We had squirrels gnawing holes in our roof and nesting in there as well so we had to scare them out(banging a broom on the ceiling) and plug up the hole as we don’t want them chewing thru wires and causing a fire.(We already HAD a fire 15 YRS ago and don’t need another one!) I’m not cruel to animals but human need comes first and it always will and I wouldn’t risk or endanger  a human’s safety or life to save an animal and I won’t apologize for it.

So, as you can see, I do not hate animals.(I’m even a vegetarian!) and am a multi-faceted person. People don’t “know” me like they think they do and there’s more to me than they might think. I am the Squirrel Guardian and I don’t hate animals, but they’re not equal to people. I respect all life God has created; I just don’t treat animals like people!