My Childhood Careers.

 When I was growing up I, like many other kids, had a list of several various careers that I thought I wanted to do when I grew up. In fact, I had a total of 7 of them which changed over the years and interestingly enough none of them ended up occurring!

I have wanted to be a lawyer, a vet, a teacher(I did go to college for and I ended up homeschooling my own kids…so does that one count?) a flight attendent, travel agent, Egyptologist, and and engineer( pretty funny for someone who hates math and is missing the part of my brain that can do numbers)!

I also wonder what my friends have ended up doing as adults? I got reconnected with a few of them on Facebook but I wonder about the others.At the time I could see Sofi becoming a doctor and Nancy as a lawyer, and Rita, Tina and Vivian were very smart as well and likely ended up in “good” professions,Anna was pretty smart as well  and I could see her as a librarian,but Angela struggled in school and likely ended up having to go to a community college, if she even did post secondary at all. One of the bitches in grade 7 I later found out ended up to be a lawyer and the guy I loved ended up to be an investment banker. Another friend is now a mail carrier as well and my best friend owns her own restaurant(but also has a university degree in interior decorating ) just as her parents did, as does Janet my friend from grade 8.

I look back at those times where I still had a future, hopes and dreams. I thought the sky was the limit when really I was(and still am) very limited(such is life when you have a low IQ). I hope whatever my old friends ended up doing with their lives that they’re happy; that they have good marriages, healthy children and jobs that they enjoy. I hope they are doing something that they love and I hope the same one day for my own kids.So far 2 are in university right now, taking Business Admin. and Media/advertising. I hope their dreams came true and their lives turned out well.