I Wish…..

 I WISH…….

I could go back to the 70’s when I was a kid and I was happy.

I was thin again.

I was pretty.

I didn’t have deformities, disorders, medical and emotional limits.

I wasn’t bullied.

I had different parents.

I had siblings.

My family loved, valued,and respected me.

I could reconnect with my aunt and cousins that blew us off since 1980.

I could still go to the ashram.

The Church was’t going to be making all these changes to the liturgy, Mass, and prayers.

I could go back and undo and change most of my life.

I could find out what happened to my old friends.

My 17 YR old would end his atheist phase and return to God.

I was someone else.

There wasn’t so much sin, evil, war, oppression, injustice,and poverty in the world.

Kids didn’t die.

My life had more meaning.

I had plans and goals for the future.

My life had turned out differently.

The people I love and loved loved me back.

I could fly.

The squirrels would quit chewing holes thru our roof.

It snowed soon.

I could time travel.

I knew then what I know now.

I didn’t have so much misfortune and trauma in my life.

Dishes would wash themselves.

I could afford plastic surgery.

Life wasn’t always so hard and such a struggle for me.

I wasn’t depressed.

Things could work for me like they do for other people.

I wasn’t different, ostracized and last in life.

I didn’t miss out on so much in life.

My life had been different.