Do I Have “Slave” Written On My Forehead?

 With my mother in the Caribbean on her trip I now have 2 people’s workloads(mine and hers) to do instead of one and it’s overwhelming and no one helps out. My hubby and the 17 YR old scoff the “magic disappeared” with her gone, that “things “don’t just appear” for them anymore and mad I DON’T serve them like she does and make them self-sufficient and have to do things for themselves. I’m not a slave and I’m already busy enough!!

I have to now do ALL the cooking, laundry, garbage and pots and pans, mine and the 4 Y old’s dishes(as well as homeschooling and my usual stuff) and the others are mad I make them wash their own dishes but I’m not doing everything; it’s not fair and too much work all for one person. They also complain that I don’t do things the way she does and the 13 YR old sneered I’m “lazy” and “now I know where we got it from!” My hubby also sneered when I complained it’s not fair I have to do everything on my own and no one helps out, “YOU”RE the one that wanted her to leave!” and “You DO need her!” It IS good with her away(and I don’t miss her) but I can’t do everything all on my own and don’t need her specifically, just a second person, even hire someone to help out.

I also DO cook, meals that the majority like and if they don’t like what  I make they can get somehting else themselves as it’s not a restaurant; eat it or starve, take it or leave it. I’m NOT making 2-3 separate meals each meal. No way. My hubby’s picky(nothing with flavour, spices or sauce) and gets mad he doesn’t eat what I cook and expects me to make him a separate meal and whined ,”You’re my wife; you’re supposed to take care of me!” but I DO cook, but I’m not catering to his pickiness and he’s a grown man and perfectly capable of making his own food if he doesn’t like what I made!

He didn’t like the way I cleaned the stove either so I(tired of always being criticized, stuck with all the work and everyone just complaining) told him, “Then feel free to do it yourself if you don’t like the way I do it!” I’m sick of it. Screw it. He thinks I’m useless and then threatened to no longer do things for me now either, such as driving me, doing household repairs or picking me up stuff when he’s out. What a baby; he’s being such a suck! I don’t even care anymore. I’ve had enough. Everything is just too much.

I’m glad my mother’s gone, it’s good without her meddling and nastiness, but bad I have to take on both our workloads and I’m stressed and burned out. It’s bad with her here(as she meddles) but bad with her gone(as I have to do all the work myself) it’s just bad. Either way I can never win.There’s no reason everyone can’t pitch in and help out.I’m just so tired of all this shit.

I hate my life.I hate being blamed for everything and always being hassled and dumped on.Maybe the reason life is always so hard for me, always struggle,am  inept and incapable, overwhelmed,have bad luck all the time, and nothing ever works for me and always goes wrong is simply because I’m stupid? Maybe the 17 YR old  is right?