My Chihuahuas.

 I have had many dogs over the years, a Beagle(Sybil), 9  Chihuahuas( Ben, Brandy, Teeniea, Chrissy, Hasan, Jameel, Sheenay, Chibby, Yuri) a Samoyed(Max), an Afghan Hound(Zhouchka), 4 Pugs(Pugly, Belka, Django, Pugs) and 2 Shih Tzus(Wilson, Sieka) but my Chihauhuas are the most memorable and I have the most fondness for.

Teeniea was tan with white “markings” on his forehead and “sock” feet, and he even slept in my bed with me. He would snuggle under the covers and when my mother would come to wake me up(I had him from age 12-17; had to get rid of him when we moved to USA) he would guard me and growl at her and wouldn’t let her in the RM! I had Yuri (he was black with copper markings similar to a Doberman)for several years as well but had to get rid of him once I had my first child as he started snapping at him once he started crawling. Ben and Brandy were my first Chihuahuas but Ben died just a day later(he couldn’t even hold up his head) and Brandy seizured and died within a week as well.As you can see, our bad luck extends to pets as well.

Teeniea and Chrissy had the 4 puppies but she needed a cesarian and died shortly after. Against all odds the pups survived and we had to feed them with little bottles that looked like doll bottles, every 3 HRS even during the night.We also had to sell them when we moved to California. Chrissy was a cream colour and  so was Hasan, Chibby was white, Sheenay was tan and Jameel was a chocolate brown.We had so much fun with them! They were all smooth haired as well so no grooming required and bathing was easy.They didn’t eat much either, they were paper trained(as well as going outside) and didn’t need lots of exercise. They were also the perfect size for cuddling and had feisty individual personalities and brave for their size,too! I even showed Teeniea and Chrissy in a few dog shows and they won ribbons!

I have fond memories of those days with the Chihuahuas. My best friend also had 2 Chihuahuas and they also had puppies. We had fun taking our dogs for walks and to Centre Island and to the park. We even brought them on the streetcars where some of the drivers gave us a hard time but we didn’t care. We also joked that their legs looked like chicken drumsticks and  had a game with them my friend invented called “Bubbling.”Those were fun times and happy memories. If I ever got another dog again I would get another  Chihuahua. My hubby has decreed no more pets as we don’t have the time for them or to train them, but perhaps later once all the kids have moved out it will be a different story.Either way, I will always have my memories where the Chihuahuas were foremost.