She’s Baaaack!

 My mother is back from her Caribbean trip. She said the weather was nice, around 27 C and she has a suntan. She said she got lost in the airport and they changed her gate and never even told her and the kiosk to get the boarding pass didn’t work for her(they never do for me either, we’re both cursed) and an employee had to help her. She also said her overnight airport hotel card key didn’t work and she locked herself out of her ship cabin as well. We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t always have mishaps!

She said the food was good and she had a nice relaxing time but actually missed having ME to talk to! I couldn’t believe it! She’s so MEAN to me yet she missed me? Maybe now she’ll be a bit nicer, at least for awhile anyway. She brought us back souvenirs as well: I got cheap jewellery(and the necklace clasp broke so now I can’t even wear it, figures) and a T-shirt that with my big boobs is too small.(I always have a hard time finding shirts and sweaters that fight; they’re always too tight on the chest)Just my “luck.”

The good of her being back is now the workload will once again be divided among 2 people. It was too much for just one person.