Ready For Christmas! Bring It On!

 We are ready for Christmas and Advent has begun; count-down! We have our outdoor lights up and running even though they short-circuited and kept shutting off a few times,and one time half of them weren’t working, and it blew a fuse a couple of times, and shut off in the rain(we ALWAYS have a problem with them every YR so much so sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it!) and then 1 strand wasn’t working and I noticed a live wire sticking out(did the squirrels chew it?)so I put tape over it and then we replaced the strand. So far so good…it’s just another annoyance in my life that I don’t need though.

We also put up our tree; our first artificial one(although we always had fake ones when I was a kid and I used to love going to my aunts’ as they had real ones). We had always had real trees but after it leaked last YR and stained our hardwood floor that was the end of that, so at the end of the season last YR we bought an artificial tree half price. We also no longer have to worry about stepping on needles anymore either and clean up is way easier. I DO love the fresh tree smell, but we bought ornaments that smell like pine to cover that issue. Our 17 YR old calls it a “redneck tree” as it’s skinny and scrawny compared to the big bushy real ones we used to get,but now it’s filled out more it’s decorated and doesn’t look so “Charlie Brown-ish” anymore.It’s 7 feet tall.As every YR when the kids weren’t looking I took the tacky ornaments off that they put on and I hid them.

We also have our Advent wreath we put a new candle in each week and the Advent calenders where we open a window each day and eat the chocolate behind it(like I used to have as a kid) and I decorated the house both inside and out as well..boy, it sure is alot of work! We have the gifts all bought and wrapped,already,too.The only thing we haven’t done yet is the Christmas cards but we only do around 3 now anyway as most of the people we mailed them to in the past have all died.I always get free ones in the mail from the various charities I support and now we have enough to last about the next 3-4 YRS!

Now all we need is the snow! We had a very light “dusting” overnight one day but now it’s just all this horrible gloomy RAIN, 50mm the other day and 40 mm yesterday. I HATE this stupid rain and am so sick of it(the basement’s flooding again too!) and it SHOULD have been a heavy snowfall if it had been colder. I don’t like “Green” Christmas; every YR I want the same thing for Chrismas: snow!

Next up: annual cancer clinic family Christmas party, homeschooler’s potluck Christmas party, and parties at Cadets and Cubs. Dec. is always so busy! Our kids away in university are also coming up for a visit as well!