A Country Of Loser Boozers!

 This is a country of loser boozers, just as I’ve always said. In the news they said that 80% of Canadians drink alcohol and consume 50% more than the national average of other countries and that binge drinking is a problem in this country, esp. in people ages 15-24 and is common on university campuses(where I don’t even think they should even be SELLING it!). It’s become a social epidemic. They also said that alcohol-related illness  is the biggest drain on the health care system, even more so than smoking. Given how smoking is now looked down on and seen as harmful and is widely discouraged and limited(for example, banned in many public places) now, I think the same should be done for alcohol,which is even worse and harms other people more than smoking does. The only limit it has now is it can only be sold in certain designated stores and at events like concerts and fairs it’s use is confined to special “beer tents” but I think they shouldn’t even SELL alcohol at such events and should just ban it outright.Even the legal drinking age is low here, it’s 19 whereas other places it’s 21.

Alcohol is the cause of most of society’s ills, incl. drunk driving, under-age drinking, binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, spousal and child abuse, adultery, bar fights,alcoholism, etc. In fact, the laws are way to too lenient for alcohol related offenses, such as drunk driving. All that happens is you lose your licence for 3 days, compared to other countries where they’re jailed for 5-10 YRS. This country is a disgrace! Alcoholism isn’t a “disease” either; it’s a lifestyle CHOICE.People have to take some responsibility!

It also said in the news that this country has one of the highest drunk driving rates in the world and recently in BC a judge said the police policies of impounding cars and revoking licenses of those caught drunk driving and failing the breathilizer test was “unconstitutional” and “infringed on their rights”…oh, spare me! Now it’s been overturned, making it even easier for the drunks just continue on to kill even more innocent people! The “justice” system in this country is a joke. The penalties for drunk driving are a joke. No wonder there’s so many of them on our streets.I knew someone who’s 18 YR old brother was killed by a drunk driver as he was walking home on New Year’s Eve.

This is a country of loser boozers and I’m so ashamed. No good ever comes out of alcohol and you DON’T need to drink to have a good time.It just shows what rednecks they are here. I for one don’t even drink at ALL. Too bad it’s so lenient here,so accepted, and so encouraged.It’s a plague.