Childhood Memories.


Visiting my aunts at Christmas and summer, playing with my cousins, going camping and the cottage.

Noxema; whenever I smell it I think about my cousin, who always washed her face with it.

Bath oil beads: makes me think of another cousin who used them in her bath.

Camp every summer from age 6-12.

Playing with my friends Terri and Nancy.

Barbies and baby dolls.

Climbing trees and going to the park.

My grandmother’s garden.

Sliding down the hill in the schoolyard at recess sitting on my lunchbox.

Christmas decorations, esp. my aunt’s blue lights, metallic streamers on the ceiling,another aunt’s tree topper, a fake candle we had with metallic thingies on it.

Horseback riding.

Swimming. and first using the diving board at age 6.

Motor boating in the summer, my bright orange lifejacket and the smell of   gas from the boat.

The earthy,musty scent of sleepingbags.

Riding in the back of the station wagon, laying down with my cousins, covered in blankets.

Flinging the swings up around the poles at the park to “save” for future use.

Coke Slurpees.

Going to the Pop Shoppe with our bundle buggy.

Roller skating up and down my street.

Our old house in Toronto.

Fans in summer.

Hiding my cousins’ puppy under my shirt.

Rolling down hills at the park and getting grass stains all over my clothes.

Picking lilacs.

Dyeing Easter eggs.

Orange floats.

Going to the CNE every summer.

Having my legs stuck to hot leather seats in the car in summer as I wore shorts.

Catching frogs in the creek.

Ice skating.

Grey flannel blankets in the back of my uncle’s car.

Jumping off the tire swing at the cottage and dropping into the creek.

My cousin’s candle collection.

Using my baton.

Doing gymnastics on the lawn with my friend.

My cousin’s GI Joe dolls taking my Barbies “hostage.”

Almost biting my tongue off as I fell in a skating accident when I was 7 or 8.

Babysitting my baby cousins.

Recording funny jokes and stuff on the old cassette tape recorder.

Rotary phones.

Getting stuff by mail order, like my Snoopy watch, Sea Monkeys, etc.

Charlie’s Angels trading cards.

Cougar boots.

70’s TV shows.

Riding bikes with my cousins out in the country.

Swiping apples off a farmer’s orchard.

Eating lunch out on the roof at highschool by climbing out the window.

My friend and I dressing as Hippies and going downtown like that.

Living on the Robin’s Ave. house when I was in Kindergarten.

Playing in the big puddles at the karate school parking lot when I was 5.


Banana seats on bikes.

Grease(the movie)

…it goes on and on. I don’t miss Toronto itself(it’s dirty, lots of crime and people are rude, although it DOES have good shopping, culture,and restaurants)but  I DO miss our old house and happy childhood memories.