Ball Breakers!!

 Recently a Toronto school board banned balls (other than squishy “Nerf” balls) from the school playground.It happened after an incident where a parent was bonked on the head with a ball and suffered a concussion. Leave it to Big Brother Nanny State policies to ban fun at recess. What do they expect the kids to DO now, just stand around and do nothing? They’re always harping on and on how kids need physical activity and such….and then they ban balls in the playground! It incl. all “hard” balls such as tennis balls, soccer balls, and basketballs, all the balls kids play with at recess or on lunch break. I still remember at recess having the tennis ball in the nylon stocking and whacking it against the wall, or even with a tennis racket, hitting it against the wall. This is yet another good “reminder”(not that we need any) why we’re glad we homeschool. This is just ridiculous.

Speaking of intrusive regulations and bans, Quebec recently banned all Christmas decor in all gov’t and public offices as it might “offend” people. This is crazy; I’m NOT “offended” seeing Ramadan, Diwali, or Hannukah stuff, so why should people be offended seeing Christmas stuff? Christmas is generally more a cultural than religious celebration for the majority of people anyway. Fortunately it was reversed due to public backlash. It was tyranny of the minority, where the majority of people’s rights were suppressed to appease a small minority.

This country gets more insane and lacking in common sense all the time as well as more and more intrusive on our rights and freedoms.What a crock! Religious leaders can now be charged with “hate crimes” even for speaking God’s Truth in their churches and religious freedom and expression is being squashed.Many jurisdictions are clamping down hard on homeschoolers and Child Welfare authorities are seizing kids just because their families are non-mainstream(eg. vegetarians or don’t vaccinate) and environmental indoctrination has taken over society at an unprecedented rate. They’ve also banned plastic bags in certain places, trying to ban plastic water bottles and tanning beds, and have banned lawn pesticides, replaced with this organic eco-friendly crap that doesn’t even work.They’re also trying to ban fast food for kids and vending machines in schools. Apparantly the gov’t thinks it knows what’s “best” for us and is not only telling us how to live now, but what to eat,too. What next? Soon it will be illegal to be fat and ugly too…..