Being De-friended On Facebook.

 I am always being de-friended on Facebook, generally for my strong religious views, strict moral values, strong opinions, and for saying what I think and telling it like it is. Some people also might not like it I expose so much “personal” stuff (which I now decided to keep “personal” stuff limited  to this blog and not on FB so it won’t automatically show up in newsfeeds; if they want more details they’ll have to come here)and other times it happens following a disagreement. It happens alot and although it pisses me off that people can be so petty and childish(I think you can disagree and still be friends) I generally figure I’m better off without people like that.

An exception is when I lose people I really like, like the one a couple of months ago who was my friend for 2 YRS and she deleted me, no explanation. It really hurt as I really liked her(plus she inspired me to shave my head completely bald!) and she was a wise “old soul” I admired  so I sent her 2 messages asking why, if it was an oversight or a deliberate snub and sent another friend request but she never replied.To this day I still have no idea why, or what I might have said that set her off, even though we never even argued.

It happened yesterday as well only it was worse as it was 2 friends I know in REAL life(we went to church together) as opposed to online friends, so I thought they were friends.I’ve known them for 6 YRS and wanted to keep in touch. It hurt and I requested a friend request again so even if they refuse at least they’ll still know that I noticed, calling them out on it, maybe even embarrassing them into friending me again, ashamed they got “caught.” I at least deserve an explanation. One of them is also our family eye doctor, so if this WAS deliberate(as opposed to accidental) and he doesn’t re-friend me then we’ll have to find a new eye doctor as someone who treats me like that doesn’t deserve our business. I’m tired of always being rejected, and dismissed.It’s up to them how they respond, but at least they know that it didn’t go unnoticed.

In other news, we only mailed 3 Christmas cards this YR as most of the relatives and others we used to send to are all dead now.My son also saw a Hare Krishna at the Metro station and was talking to him and is going to get me some books to read on religion,Vedic  knowledge and philosophy. I also see these same teens walk by our house daily coming home  from school  and I invent little stories up in my head about them, what they’re doing and what their lives are like at home with their families. Weird, I know.  🙂