Outlaw Christmas?

 I seriously wonder if they will eventually outlaw Christmas. Now the school board here has banned Christmas decor on the school buses but luckily the drivers are ignoring it in protest and still doing it anyway in defiance. They are also holding a protest outside their office and erecting a big decorated Christmas tree with it, defending Christmas from this Politically Correct nonsense.

Christmas themes,decorations,and expressions  are being banned everywhere more and more all the time. I remember in Ottawa they banned the malls and stores from playing Christmas music and their employees from saying , “Merry Christmas!”. Schools are now no longer allowed to have Christmas pageants or sing Christmas carols….yet they ARE still allowed to have occult Hallowe’en parties that glorify Satan and the demons but anything that honours God is being erased. They are stomping out religion and trying to censor God.Pretty soon Christians(and others) will have to go underground and worship in secret.

In Quebec offices had also been banned from putting up Christmas decor and people have been indoctrinated by the Politically Correct police to say “Happy Holidays” now instead of “Merry Christmas.” It’s time we take back Christmas. It’s NOT “offensive”, nor should it be swept away. It is a big tradition here and we will not let it be taken away without a fight.

The gov’t is the Grinch that stole Christmas. Bah, humbug!