Ketchup Post.

 Catching up on what we’ve been doing lately. Sorry, I know, it must have been MONTHS since I’ve done one of these. My bad.

The 15 YR old wrote her grade 9 piano theory exam(she does the “playing” part of the exam in April), the 17 YR old eats his Advent calender chocolates in any random order, my hubby(who is a Master in chess) doesn’t want the kids to play chess(even though they DO know HOW) and  I think he’s afraid that they’ll end up better than him, the 8 YR old has this weird obsession and compulsion that everything has to be an even number and has to watch the numbers on the digital clock turn to even numbers. Needless to say this is very time consuming and frustrating. I think a cold is arriving in our house too; a few of us have sore throats and headaches…

Our oldest 2(away at university) are  taking the train up to visit us over Christmas, I have a raging yeast infection yet again(I get them every 1-2 months, very unusual, but then again I am ALWAYS the rare and unlucky statistic) and I wondered last night if I was maybe having a pre-heart attack as well as my left arm was all numb and tingling and I had sharp twinges in my chest. My lips also looked blue and I was very short of breath(although I often am with my breathing problem anyway) but then I was ok so I guess not. No surprise though as with my being fat, my high BP and high stress I am a ticking time-bomb for a heart attack or stroke just waiting to happen.Oh, well.

I also came across a funny online Christmas card with Santa doing “Up Yours!” and the words: money is tight, times are hard, here’s your f*cking Christmas card!” I just laughed off my chair on that one for some reason and sent copies of it off to others that I know would appreciate that sense of humour.I have always had a “wicked” sense of humour, I know. I saw a pack of Christmas bows at Walmart the other day as well and it brought back happy childhood Christmas memories.I also had a strange dream the other night that I met Queen Elizabeth,and that I was in labour having a homebirth in South Africa! It’s cold enough at night now too I put my extra wool blanket and sleepingbag on my bed, but we still have no snow so it doesn’t feel very Christmas-y yet and I’m bummed out.

That is all.