Bath Oil Beads.

 I recently came across some old bath oil beads that were in the bathroom. They had been preserved in an airtight jar with a lid so even being some 6 or more YRS old(I had got them in the city years ago) they are still intact and usable. There were only a few however and I soon ran out. I attempted to buy more but much to my surprise found no one sells them anymore. I thought esp. at this time of the YR, at Christmas, they’d be sold as gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. but no luck. When I see them it also  reminds me of my cousin when I was a kid; she’s 9 YRS older than me and liked to use bath oil beads. That’s where I first learned about them.Fond nostalgic memories again.

In other news, I found that half-bald squirrel dead by the side of the road. It had been one of my “regulars” that I have been feeding in our yard so it was extra sad to see.(I had also wondered about how cold he’d be in the winter with hardly any fur) I don’t think he was hit by a car or attacked by a predator though as he had no injuries and wasn’t squished. He was rigid in rigor mortis and had a drop of blood coming out of his nose. My guess is he had some disease he died from, esp. as he was losing his hair and whe he’d sit up to eat he’d always lose balance and fall over.Maybe he even died of hypothermia?

It also looks like NO snow and it won’t be a white Christmas and I’m bummed out. Snow is the only gift I ever want for Christmas each year.Maybe we can shovel some out from the back of the local arena and put it on our lawn or rent a snow making machine from a ski resort?The 13 and 17 YR olds also are long awaiting(for the past 9 months) this new computer  game that’s coming out today as well, already pre-ordered and downloaded and ready to go, so I suspect we won’t be seeing much of them over the next few weeks( ha ha) but this is our last WK of school and then we’ll be taking 2 weeks off for Christmas holidays and going back 2 Jan. Funny as well: another homeschooling family called us “hard core homeschoolers”(in a nice way) and for some reason it struck me as incrediblely funny!