The Eye Exam, etc.

 Our 10 YR old had her eye exam as she has trouble seeing things and we were so sure she’d need glasses….but as it turned out she just needs a new computer monitor! Her eyeballs are a weird “football” shaped(as opposed to the normal round “ball” shape) and with that looking at her computer monitor strains her eyes so at the end of the day she has trouble seeing so we had to get her a special monitor, that’s it! Figures about the eye shape though, we have so many deformities and defects in our family. Nothing is ever normal for us.  😦

As well,the eye doc was a former church friend, one that also recently de-friended me on Facebook and when asked why his excuse was that I “post too much” and he “wants to cut down” but I’m not “buying” it because if someone posts too “much” you can just scroll past them or even click the “hide posts” option; you don’t have to go and de-friend them!

It figures as well: the boys’ new computer game doesn’t work; after all that they don’t have the access and are disappointed. We have such bad luck and it’s the same with me,too: whenever I look forward to something and get excited it almost always doesn’t happen and I always end up let down. My 17 YR old also snickered to me, “You DO know that you’re insane, right?” Yeah, so I’ve heard; I’m insane, I’m stupid, I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m useless, I’m a failure, etc. tell me something that I don’t know; unfortunately there’s no cure, or treatment for any of them;they can’t be fixed, unless, of course, you have an unlimited supply of money!

My hubby also mocks that nothing goes right for me and sneers, “and how’s THAT working out for you?” whenever something goes wrong, and rubs it in my face that things go right for him. I also  logged-in the 8 YR old’s computer to access a virus scan as well and of course as soon as I touched it it froze. I seriously think I really AM a “jinx” and I curse everything I touch. I wonder if it’s some sort of negative energy or something?  What else would explain it?I think it’s mean how my hubby always makes fun of me for my bad luck and that things always go wrong for me. He’s an ultimate prick and  an asshole of the highest degree.