Where Is The SNOW?

 This is just getting ridiculous: it’s already the middle of DECEMBER and there’s still no snow,and,in fact, it feels like spring! Yesterday it got to a balmy 7C and today going up to 11C! It feels more like Easter(with the weather) than Christmas! Needless to say, it doesn’t feel very “Christmas-y” without the snow, with mild temps, LOTS of rain and green grass. It just isn’t the same.

I mean, this is CANADA; come on! We had ONE pitiful little “dusting” of snow overnight awhile back(that quickly melted) and that’s been it. All this heavy, heavy rain would have(and should have ) been heavy snowfalls  if it had been colder. All I ever want for my Christmas gift each year is snow(is that too much to ask?), and even THAT can’t work out for me,either. Is there some way we could “import” it, like renting a snow making machine from a ski resort, or even shovelling some snow from the piles at the back of an arena into the van and putting that on our lawn?

I’m still sitting outside it’s been so mild, and I’ve NEVER been able to do that in December before; October has been the latest! I’m really bummed-out over this and getting discouraged; it seems like we’ll NEVER have any snow, meanwhile everyone else seems to, incl. in other parts of the country and province! I fear we’ll only have a 2-3 month(Jan-Feb, or Jan-March) winter this YR and snow’s not even forecasted now until the New YR. This is getting seriously depressing.Normally we have snow in November.

Please God….can’t you just send SOME before Christmas? Thanx.