The Hunt For The Glass Pickle Ornament.

 This is a glass pickle ornament for the Christmas tree. The German custom is on Christmas Eve the pickle ornament is hidden, buried deep in the Christmas tree, and on Christmas morning the first child to find it gets an extra gift.(When I was a kid we followed the European Christmas customs as well, such as Advent calenders and opening the gifts up on Christmas Eve) So, we went all over looking for this pickle tree ornament and of course here in “Bumble-F*ck” no one has ever even  heard of it and we were always given strange looks when we’d go into a store and ask, like they thought we were totally insane. I asked my son to look for it in the city but no luck there either. I heard on the radio where the DJ got hers, which is about 30-40 minutes from where we live so we drove all the way out to the gift shop there and luckily we found it! I would have been major pissed-off it we’d gone all that way and they were sold out, esp. as that’s how things normally go for me. For ONCE we got a lucky break!

We’re also looking for “The Elf On The Shelf” book (which comes with a little elf toy) and the idea of that is you hide the elf in a different spot each day leading up to Christmas, moving it closer and closer to the Christmas tree each day and the kids have fun finding it. We used to play a similar game where I’d hide the “Pan Shandal”(don’t ask!) toy and they’d find it, in the chandelier, etc. but they’re sold out EVERYWHERE(even in the big city where my son lives and looked) and one bookstore cashier told us it’s out of print.Shit.

Our anniversary(my hubby also gave me a dozen long-stem red roses but I couldn’t find the vase so I had to put them in a pitcher!) yesterday was a bust as well: just my typical bad luck: we went to the Indian restaurant (the only good restaurant in the area)and wouldn’t you know; it’s been closed since September,so then when we were in the other town looking for the ornament we went to a fancy restaurant there(the kind that charges 40$ a person) but they never even HAD chicken OR steak(for my hubby; I don’t even eat meat) on the menu, and what the hell kind of restaurant doesn’t even serve chicken or steak? I’ve never seen that before! They had chicken as the Chef’s Special…except it had an onion and asparagus filling and just hearing that my hubby threw up in his mouth a little. So, we just left. By now we were STARVING; some 6 HRS since we’d last ate and my stomach was eating itself and in literal pain it was so empty, but luckily we found a buffet in a hotel and ate there, just in time before we passed out from hunger.

Shit, I seriously think that the universe is out to “get” me. How come things never work out for me or go my way? Why does everything always go wrong and nothing go right; I mean, we couldn’t even have a nice anniversary dinner without something going wrong.I was so mad, let me tell you! So mad,and so defeated.NOTHING, and I mean, NOTHING, can ever just come easy, work out the first time, or go right.It just wears me down. I think my life is some sort of cosmic joke. I’m like that character in a play or a movie where life is nothing but mishaps, obstacles,and bad luck the entire way.I think bad luck follows me wherever I go.

Good news: our son is taking the train up later tonight and will be visiting us for 2 weeks.Hopefully at least THAT will go uneventfully….I hope…