Later today our daughter arrives. Her train trip is around 8 HRS whereas for our son it was half that time. He’s only been here a few days as well and bored of this hick-ass town already and is ready to leave already but at least he gets to leave; we’re still stuck here! He adores his new Armani wool sweater as well and didn’t know how to wash it so he brought it here as he knew I would know what to do(I do; it’s simple, hand-wash it in Woolite) and I enjoy the Yves Rocher bath oil beads(he remembers him and his brother used to try and pop them when I had them when they were younger) he brought me as well and am reading the Sri Isopanisad and Nectar Of Devotion books he brought me, but  they are so intellectually advanced it’s confusing and I struggle to understand and grasp it. I hate being dumb.

Our son also got 91% on his Finance exam, the 3rd highest out of his class of 58 students, and our 12 YR old said he wants fish for Christmas so I made up “Fishmas”, as in “Merry Fishmas”, we have mice again and I caught one in a trap in the kitchen cupboard, our 15 YR old played piano in church on Sunday and they asked her again for Christmas Eve Mass as well, I had a weird dream I was on a cruise with the Roloffs and met Micheal Jackson and borrowed his pencil but when I tried to return it to him I couldn’t find him, and my hubby taunts that I’d “find something to hate” whatever country I live in as if I don’t have the “right” to not like it here even though I’ve been to 33 countries and have lots to compare it to and he’s only been to USA and Mexico. I rest my case.

My mother also yelled at me for throwing a knife in the “wrong” side of the sink(I put them in the side the dishes aren’t in so no one will cut their hands on it)….yet if I’d just left it there on the counter she’d yell at me too and I’m tired of always being hassled, blamed, and I can never “win”, and my hubby snickered I “over-react” even though I’m sick of always being given a hard time over everything all the time. The 4 YR old is so obnoxious and bad(I think he must have Oppositional Defiant Disorder)being mouthy, defiant, hitting and kicking us, biting things, etc. and I lamented how I feel “cheated” as it took 3 YRS to get prego with him and this is what I got; he’s always been difficult, and she sneered, “You tried so hard to get him; maybe you shouldn’t want so ‘much?'” somehow everything’s always MY fault. This is exactly what I mean; she always has some snarky mean comment and never any support.The 17 YR old said I’m “nosey” as well for wanting to know what my kids are up to.He also mocks me and makes “crow” sounds at me, and imitates and ridicules me when I yell and get mad and “freak out”.I knew him being “nice” the other day wouldn’t last long.He’ll never change.

Stuff also fell off the top of the fridge and hit me so I threw it back up but of course it missed and went behind the fridge, beyond reach, and then my hubby snickered, “You just make more work for everyone else!” so I told him then next time I’ll just LEAVE it there then and NOT try and put it back. I’ve had enough of this crap, I really have.My son also bought a game for the XBox and of course it didn’t work(this kind of thing always happens to us) and we also ended up having to buy another XBox, this is our 5th one. We always end up with all the defective things and even new things never work the way they’re supposed to for us and we always have to end up returning and exchanging things all the time.My mother also said she doesn’t think public figures’ indiscretions(eg. affairs) should be publically exposed, trying to excuse and cover up sin, but I disagree; I think if they live sinful lives they deserve to be exposed and if they’re not immoral then they don’t have anything to worry about! She also jeered to me, “You think I’m a bitch because I stand up to you?”

The kids also brought food hampers to needy families and they were rednecks whose houses reeked of booze and stale cigarettes and it just gets me so mad; I KNOW they’re needy and it’s not the kids’ fault, but it’s not right they have their kids live like this and if they didn’t spend their $$$$ on bad things like alcohol and cigarettes  then they’d have $$$ to be able to buy food for their kids at Christmas.I also had a concern about the dress I ordered; I noticed on the address they didn’t have the province so I e-mailed them and luckily they incl. it before  it was shipped out but I was worried they wouldn’t know where to send it and it would be sent to the wrong address, lost, or returned. NOTHING can ever just go smoothly for us or without incident.