Disgusting Facts And Things.

 I saw this idea on another blog and so this is our version of disgusting things and facts in our house and family:

We have yellow stains on the base of all 3 of our toilets as the boys never bother to aim properly.

The 8 yR old tends to get constipated so in order to “check” that she actually DID a ca-ca all I have to do is inspect her underwear when it goes in the laundry for the tell-tale “fudge smudge.” If it has a skid mark I know she’s gone that day.

When I had my babies I passed huge blood clots as big as the babies’ heads.

I ate ca-ca as a kid; I picked it off the ground thinking it was chocolate.

When our oldest was a toddler he removed his diaper overnight and when I went in to get him the next morning he had ca-ca smeared all over himself, the crib bars,mattress,sheets, and the walls.

We had a dog that ate ca-ca and would even stand there with it’s mouth wide open as our other dog did ca-ca, waiting for it to drop into it’s mouth still fresh, warm and steaming.

The boys hork everywhere; on the floor, on the wall,in the sink, in the pool,etc.

The 8 YR old has a booger collection on her wall.

The 17 and 22 yR olds both sleep naked, a fact I shockingly discovered one day trying to wake up the 17 YR old and yanking his covers off….only to see his bare arse.

We have mice back again: evident by seeing their droppings all over and when I catch them in the traps their beady little eyes always pop out.


As well, in other news, just as I expected: My passport renewal didn’t go thru without incident.(Of all the passports I’ve had only ONCE did it ever go thru ok the first time without something being returned or rejected) : the application was mailed back: my credit card was refused, even though I just used it a few days ago ok,so had to phone them and give them the number over the phone(they said maybe they misread it) and to call back and check again in a couple of days to see if it was accepted, and if still not, I have to send a certified cheque. Shit. NOTHING can ever just go right or work out for me.Why is everything always a problem for me all the time? I’m just SO tired of this….can’t things just ever go RIGHT for me for once?

As well, our oldest said him and his room mates made a Gingerbread “Crack” House; decaying, graffiti on the walls and “Ghetto” Gingerbread men with “bling.” Well, that’s a different and creative slant on Christmas decorating, that’s for sure!