My Princess Dress Came And Other Stuff.

 My pink and gold brocade dress(seen in the photo here; that’s me, minus my ugly face) came! It arrived just 4 days after it was shipped! It’s really nice and I love it! I just have to wear a girdle(but I would anyway) to flatten my fat gut and squish down my wobbly bits. I caught another mouse in the trap as well only it was still alive and squirming and I felt so bad.I also have the cold now and it came at night and tried to get meds but the pharmacy was closed and we can’t get water for our cooler either(so we’ll be stuck drinking the contaminated tap water with it’s frequent boiled water advisories) as they’re closed for 2 WEEKS! I hate it here; it really sucks! I can’t believe my incredible bad luck, either! I also had to reset the outdoor Christmas lights that went out yet AGAIN and my hubby raged I did it “wrong” even though I did it exactly like he said and he sneered, “It works for ME!” and “I said that’s how *I* do it, not for YOU to do it!”(because I’m dumb and always do everything wrong and nothing works for me) and rubbed it in my face. I HATE always being, feeling,and being told I’m dumb and to always be reminded that everything works for him and not for me.My son also scoffs I’m a “defeatest” because I don’t fight things that can’t be changed but believe me, if I COULD change being fat,ugly, dumb and having neverending bad luck I WOULD! He says he hates hearing me always complain as well but how does he think I feel LIVING it,and then to always be blamed for it,too?

Our oldest is the same as well; he thinks because he’s smart that he knows everything and I know nothing and that I’m always wrong. We had an argument as he thinks his body will still be the same in his 40’s as he is now in his 20’s and I told him time catches up to all of us and his body changes as it gets older; wrinkles, grey hair, gaining weight and harder to lose weight,and he dismisses me(but eventually he will see I’m right; he can’t escape what aging does to your body) and thinks he’s invincible and always right,and then sneered a cruel remark that I don’t like salad because it “doesn’t have enough calories.” Ouch. He knows how to hurt someone. He can be really mean,and after a few days here back home he becomes very obnoxious and mean.He can only ever “last” a few days before he starts getting nasty and insulting. Like my hubby, he also yells and rages at me in frustration too trying to keep explaining things to me that my little brain has trouble understanding and he has no patience or tolerance for people that aren’t smart.We also argue over culture and had a fight about abortion the other day,too. I think being “worldly” off in university has ruined his morals and he has become too accepting of the world and it’s immorality.This is exactly what I feared would happen when he left.

3 of the kids at Cadets also have this all day Politically Correct seminar next week indoctrination thing where they’re told that compliments is sexual harrassment, opinions are hate crimes, and  things like that. I hate living in a world as well where recycling, reducing your carbon footprint and animal welfare is seen of more importance  than the homeless, refugees, victims of war, poverty, domestic violence, natural disasters,where there is more outrage over animal abuse than abortion, etc.and where the Humane Society  and environmental causes receive more donations than causes to alleviate human suffering does.It is one of my pet-peeves.

I heard the song “River” from Robert Downey Jr. as well( yes, that same one, the actor) and it spoke to my heart and I was surprised that he sang; I never knew that, or that he sang so well, and I was disturbed to read as well that from the 1920’s to the 70’s the Alberta gov’t forcibly sterilizied over 3000 people that they considered to be “inferior”, incl. mentally disabled, low IQ,and immigrants. It was done without their knowledge or consent, and it began in 1928, 5 YRS BEFORE the Nazis! This eugenics is sickening and disturbing and a national disgrace and shame.Just like Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who invented birth control with the idea of “weeding out” those she considered to be “undesirables” in society  such as blacks, uneducated, etc. This was LEGAL as well. It just got me so angry and disgusted to learn this.Words can’t even begin to describe the sick feeling I felt.