Indoctrination By Big Brother.

 Tomorrow our 3 kids in air Cadets have to attend a mandatory all-day Politically Correct brainwashing indoctrination seminar. They can’t opt out(despite our objections) as it’s ordered by the gov’t and if they don’t attend the kids can’t go to camp and the Cadets will lose their funding. Totalitarian regime,anyone? Talk about fascist. This country sucks more and more all the time, I swear.

They are portraying it as one of those “anti-bullying, anti-abuse” seminars but it’s actually propaganda in disguise. What they are doing is saying ridiculous things such as a man complimenting a woman is “sexual harrassment” a hug is “abuse”, stating your opinion against something is a “Hate Crime”,etc. and telling them they must have a collective opinion, can’t think for themselves or have their own moral convictions, esp. if it deviates from what they’re telling you to believe,and you must blindly accept, embrace,and tolerate everything without question.You get the idea. Orwellian for sure,and cultural Marxism as a friend stated on my Faceboook profile.

Now, of course I don’t want them to go on principle; they can just say that they have the Flu or that they’re away over Christmas break or something, but my hubby says to go but to bring up questions and arguments against it during discussions, exposing it for what it really is,standing up against it, and to not take it seriously, knowing what it really is and to come home and have a discussion so they can realize God’s Truth versus the Socialist anything-goes brainwashing PC propaganda. This is exactly one reason why we homeschool; to avoid this indoctrination and it’s not only in the schools but in ALL kids’ organizations, from teaching feminism to the Girl Scouts or the environmental indoctrination, etc. it never ends.People are becoming so open minded that their brains are falling out!


In other news, my hubby gave his “thug” Ghetto hoodie I hate to his brother and I told him it’s dumb and that he doesn’t have to do it on my account; it’s his hoodie and he’s the one that has to wear it and he doesn’t have to give it away just because I don’t like it. The 4 YR old also thought he could only play with his Christmas gifts on Christmas,and our oldest is soo bored here and desperate to go back to the city(he takes the train back Friday) but at least he gets to leave soon; we’re still stuck here. I feel like I’m in a “holding pattern”; like those planes that have to circle around the airport waiting for a runway to be cleared so they can land. That’s how I feel; always “suspended”, waiting, and waiting, never going anywhere. Funny as well: when I told the kids that I don’t want them to be low-class losers(like most people here in “Bumble-F*ck”) the 8 YR old goes, “Well, we ARE half redneck; from Papa!” I nearly died laughing.The kids are also playing “Band Hero” for days and I can’t take much more; my ears are bleeding. Oh, Dear Lord, it’s awful! We’re SUPPOSED to get a big SNOW storm as well but I’ll believe THAT when I see it,and,in fact, I am convinced(and worried) we won’t have any snow all winter….