My A To Z Year 2011.

 My A to Z Year 2011:

A: Algae in the pool


B: Bath oil beads


C: Caribbean trip


D: Dieting


E: EX(Exhibition/ CNE)


F: Facebook


G: Ginger bread crack house


H: Hare Krishna ashram


I: Indian Summer


J: Jinx(me)


K: Kids


L: Loser in life(me)


M:Marfan Syndrome


N: Next door neighbours move back


O: Online orders( brocade dress, funky shoes, etc.)


P: Passport renewal


Q: Q-Ray bracelet


R: Rednecks in this town


S: Sacraments(First Communion and Confirmation this year)


T: Tree next door cut down


U: Ugly(me)


V: Vegetarianism


W: Winter without snow


X: X-Mas


Y: Youth group


Z: Zebras(the 12 YR old loves them)


In other news: our older kids visiting  said they think they must be allergic to this town as their mouths and skin is dry and our daughter has bad exzema all on her face she hasn’t had in a long time and she also plans on moving to Japan when she graduates university next YR to teach English. This has been a life-long dream of hers for a long time and she’s been studying Japanese for a few YRS now. As well, I was “taunted” with the hope of snow as big fluffy white flakes came down but then quickly turned over to rain. Drat. Doesn’t it FIGURE? and the 13 YR old was upstairs in the hallway jumping, thumping and banging a cane loudly on the floor over and over so loud we couldn’t even hear the TV the floor below and his excuse was he was “bored.” He also threw food at the 17 YR old’s shirt. What does he think he’s 2 YRS old ,or what? So I punished him and then he sneered to me, “Go FUCK yourself!” and saying *I* was being “stupid”(what, for punishing him? What does he expect?) So he lost video games and has to take over the other kids’ cleaning chores; one punishment for each offence. He’s really defiant, mouthy and out of control and my mother always excuses him(and blames me) since he had cancer she thinks it’s a “free pass” but no way; he still  has the same standards of behaviour as everyone else! He can’t get away with things just because he was sick,and besides, he’s fine now.