Right Now.

 I saw this on another blog so here is my version of “Right Now:”

Watching: Jeopardy!

Eating: Crackers and cheese.

Drinking: Caffeine-free diet Pepsi

Wearing: Polar fleece shirt and flannel PJ bottoms, sheepskin slippers

Avoiding: Those that hurt me the most

Feeling: Sad; it didn’t feel like Christmas without snow

Missing: My childhood

Thankful: God always taking care of us

Weather: They SAID snow, but nothing and then said to turn to  rain yet again.Ugh.

Praying: I can feel better about myself and  my life.

Needing: To have hope for my future

Thinking: Oh, shit, holidays end soon!

Loving: The one that loves me the most.


As well, our son takes the train back later tonight, the 12 YR old is taking knitting at her sister’s friend’s mother’s, at the Cadets’ indoctrination seminar the other day they lied and told them that Child Welfare is “good” and that they “help” kids and urged them to report people(like the Nazis having people inform on their family, neighbours and friends) we’ll be ordering in Chinese food for New Year’s,and I’m always waiting for the bottom to drop out as well because it always DOES; always waiting for the next bad thing to hit us and knock us down again, and I HATE it how my hubby lets(and encourages) the kids to be losers; such as letting them drink out of the milk carton, wearing shoes indoors, horking on the floor,wall, sink, pool,etc, read at the table, eating with their fingers, etc. he’s trying to turn them into rednecks like HE is and it makes me furious! I try so hard to raise them cultured with manners and he just always fights me every step of the way!!