Canada-US Border.

 In the news lately they have said how Canada and USA are hoping and working to make border crossing easier(after making it harder by the US tightening security, requiring passports, etc.) but then announced that USA will soon require all info on everyone coming both into USA(which I can understand) AND coming into Canada, which makes no sense and is out of their jurisdiction, but the ass-kissing authorities actually AGREE to it, so basically they will be giving a foreign gov’t private information on citizens and this is just plain wrong.

To make it even worse: it DOESN’T work both ways; Canada doesn’t have the info on the Americans or who’s going into the USA yet the Americans have all the personal info on us. That’s not fair and it’s not right. They are becoming such a Police State now(as well as the Policeman of the world) with their over-the-top security. What right do they have to demand info from another country on that country’s people? Why does our gov’t allow it and give it to them? I can see they’d want to know who’s entering their country but what business do they have knowing who leaves and enters Canada? This is just bullshit.

USA has become so crazy and paranoid with their security as well in general overall: even if your flight just flies OVER their territory(without ever landing) they have info on you, and if you just connect at a point there you have to go get your luggage and recheck it in AGAIN(whereas anywhere else they just put it directly thru and you don’t have to pick it up until you’ve reached your final destination) and they have those “naked” body scanners at the airports now too and of the 33 countries I have been to USA is the only one out of 2(there and Barbados) where they require you to take off your shoes going thru  the security checkpoint. It’s ridiculous and absurd. I know you have to be secure and try to prevent terrorism and such but this is just too much and as a result I refuse to fly there anymore, not even for a connection, and request my travel agent to bypass them entirely now and connect thru another country.I have boycotted them on principle.I will not submit to their Police State tactics.

They will soon require the new biometric e-passport as well, with fingerprinting and retinal scans, like something out of a sci-fi movie, or something required from a fascist regime(as in being stopped by the police and  “show me your papers!”)which will also cost a whopping 250$(but last 10 YRS as opposed to the current 5 YRS) and be required by the end of this YR here as well. Luckily I just got my passport renewed so I’ll be ok for another 5 YRS.

It’s insane. It’s overkill. It’s Big Brother.


As well, my birthday ended up to be ok. At first I thought the day would really suck as none of my Facebook friends even remembered it even WAS my birthday until I mentioned it(and then one said the birthday reminder hadn’t included it; figures, just my luck). The kids made me cards, I got a vanilla birthday cake with pink and green frosting and roses,and I even got the snow I wanted as well(although getting to a mild 5C tomorrow so it’ll all melt and all we got so far this winter was 1-2 cm and a light “dusting”, making me worry that’s all we’ll have all winter; no REAL snow!) I also now have a fever blister on my lower eyelid; every 2 weeks I break out in a new “crop” of them and at each   time I have anywhere from 20-30 of them all over my body, incl. my face.Ugh.