Peter And Henry.

 I recently saw the movie “Red Riding Hood” on the pay TV movie channel.( I had read the book on a plane in April as well and interestingly the bad guy in the book was completely DIFFERENT than in the movie) and 2 guys were in love with the main character; Peter a rebellious woodcutter and Henry a wealthy kind-hearted blacksmith. She was in love with Peter and ended up with him, even though she was engaged to Henry, who also loved her and was kind and risked his life to save her.

I felt sad and badly for poor Henry.I could sympathize with him and knew how he felt. I too have loved or been attracted to(or both) people who didn’t love me back, that left me heart broken, rejected, that either didn’t like me at all, liked me as a friend, or didn’t even know I existed.My True Love also ended up to be gay. Even though it was just a movie and he’s not real I just identified with him. I would have married him if I was Valerie. He just seemed nicer, a more selfless person, and he did love her and he was good-looking too!(they both were). Peter just seemed to be  less kind and more selfish. He did risk his life to save her to and even though he was the one she always loved I was rooting for Henry, esp. all after all he did for her. He just looked so dejected! 😦

I know, I have this “thing” where I sympathize and feel sorry for characters in movies or in books. I cheer on the underdog, I support the hero, feel sorry for the victim or the broken hearted, etc. and I can identify with those that have been rejected, have had hard times, been oppressed, bullied, or have been mistreated, unloved, unfortunate-looking,and struggled in life. It’s like I can “feel” their pain,and these are the characters that make me cry in movies.

I wished she had picked Henry.I would have.


In other news, there was a fatal stabbing and shooting at a downtown Metro station where my son lives and goes to school and he daily  takes the Metro and they said the victim was a man in his 20’s so I was worried but luckily he’s ok. He also thought it “funny” to tell me that he was the one that was shot but didn’t know who was stabbed and that he was at the library bleeding all over and making the janitor mad. So NOT “funny!” The city is such a dangerous place and when I heard that I just turned cold with fear. Even though he’s an adult now I am still a mother and I still worry.Even more so since we are always that unlucky one-out-of-a-thousand, the unlikely statistic, rare exception, etc. It’s like the odds of winning the lottery, only in reverse; for bad things happening, like being hit by lightening. That’s us.

It was also 7  C here yesterday and I spent 2 HRS outside, feeding the squirrels, enjoying being outdoors and getting some vitamin D. They said it’s to be mild and spring-like for the next week. We’d had a light dusting of snow Thursday overnight as well but then it quickly melted. Where our daughter lives it even got up to 11 C! It’s like spring! Although I do enjoy being outside I still miss the snow. Normally we’d have lots of it now and it would be around -25C or so!