I Miss The 1970’s!

 I miss the 1970’s. It was the time of my childhood and the only time I was ever really happy. I have fond nostalgic memories of it. I remember going to camp for 6 weeks every summer age 6-12. I remember biking in the country with my cousins and snatching apples from an orchard and the angry farmer chasing us. I remember bikes with banana seats and “primitive” skateboards(and no helmets). I remember rotary phones, Disco music, babysitting my cousins as babies, canoeing and horseback riding,camping with my cousins and going on their motorboats, going to the cottage, visiting relatives over summer and Christmas,old-fashioned record players, 8- Track tapes, recording funny jokes and stuff on the cassette tape recorder,roller skating, “Farrah” hair, Corvettes(my cousin had a red one), Station wagons(my uncle had one), velvet wallpaper,shag carpeting, going to the CNE many times during the summer, our old Toronto house, the whir of fans in the long hot summers, swimming in the lake, catching frogs in the creek,70’s style clothing, the good TV shows of the era(they were good in the 80’s too and then started to decline in the 90’s),etc. It was a time of no computers, no TV remotes, no microwaves, no VCR’s or PVR’s, no CD’s, no video games,etc. but I always found something to do, always had fun, played with friends, was always outside, and was never bored.

I also fondly remember getting a big bag of candy at the corner store for 25 cents,going to the Pop Shoppe, twirling my baton,being out in the sun until my shoulders peeled, going to Centre Island, my pet gerbils,the grade 5 school 3 day trip to Ottawa, getting my first dog in 1979 when I was 12, “Grease”, “Cougar” boots, platform shoes, my friends Patty, Terri and Nancy, playing with Barbies and baby dolls,birthday parties, Field Day at school, coasting down the hills in the schoolyard in winter on my lunchbox, ordering things by mail order(we didn’t have Internet!), reading “Mad” magazine and comics, wax teeth and lips and black licorice gum, ice cream trucks, playing under the sprinkler and hose, “Lite Brite”, Easy Bake ovens, “Hello Kitty”,pet rocks, “Earth” shoes,etc.

Those were good times. I was happy then. I realized I was happy for 12 years, and unhappy basically for 33 years. Life was good then but now I wonder if I’m maybe missing a happiness “gene”, that maybe I’m just not “meant” to be happy, or perhaps I am maybe one of those “victim souls” who suffer for sinners and and suffering and doing my “Purgatory”  now,here on earth, or just that my life has damaged me beyond repair and I have nothing “left” anymore. The best time of my life is over now. In any case, the 70’s were a “magical” time for me, a good time to be a kid and to grow up in. The world was safer then, I explored on my own, stayed out until it was dark, had no fear of pedophiles, walked alone or rode public transit on my own; there wasn’t the danger there is now. Kids had more freedom then and it was a great time to be a kid and the 70’s was the best time of my life and I cherish my memories.


As well, it was a glorious 9 C here yesterday and I was outdoors for 3 HRS and even got a bit of sun on my face! I had to check the calender and make sure that it really IS January! My throat “lump”(feels like when you have a piece of food stuck and keep trying to get it down) is worsening now as well(I’ve had it for a few months now) maybe just  because of my cold; now also hoarse, coughing,and feels “constricted”. It might also be a goiter, or enlarged thyroid gland(or maybe even a thyroid cyst?), esp. would also explain my fatigue, weight gain,dry skin,and “foggy” brain. If it gets any worse(eg. have trouble breathing!) I guess I’ll have to go and get it looked at but there’s no family doctors here so I’d have to go to the ER and I DON’T want to have to sit and wait 6-8 HRS all for nothing; I want to be pretty sure it’ll be “worth” it….