The Shafia Murder Trial.

 After a 3-4 week break the Shafia murder trial has once again resumed. It has been the biggest local news story of last YR, about a Montreal father, mother,and son accused of an “Honour” killing; killing their 3 girls(all teens, the youngest being just 13) and the father’s first wife by pushing them in a car into the water in Kingston while on a family holiday.They are originally from Afghanistan and have plead not guilty. The deaths occured 3 years ago.The son was only 18 at the time.

At first I thought, “Oh, they sound soooo guilty!” but then as I read more and followed the trial closely I have my doubts and now I’m not so sure, partly because I like to be the “Devils’ Advocate”(because that’s what I do), partly because I like to try and give people the benefit of the doubt, and partly because I’d like to think people are innocent until proven guilty,and as more evidence came out it made me wonder as well. They are accused of killing them to “preserve” the family “honour”(although killing people is hardly considered “honourable!”) since the girls were wayward; sneaking out, taking the car, sneaking around with boys, sending semi-nude photos of themselves on their cell phones, breaking curfew, stealing,dressing inappropriately,etc.By all accounts they were a big problem,shame, and embarrassment  for their conservative Muslim family…..but that doesn’t necessarily mean they killed them.

The way I see it is this: why go thru all the trouble of killing them though? Sure they were difficult, defiant, and whores, but why not just kick them out of the house? Wouldn’t that make more sense? There was also talk of a suicide pact as the girls were unhappy( or why didn’t they just run away?) and that’s what made me wonder: perhaps it was that suicide pact that’s how they died? Maybe they drove themselves into the canal on purpose, or even set the others up to make it LOOK like murder?  It might have also just have been a tragic accident as well? (esp. as the older girl was known to have taken the car without permission and without a driver’s license) Anything is possible…. I also wonder logistically how the parents and brother could have pulled off successfully somehow knocking out 4 people,all but one basically full-grown adults, placing them into a car, and shoving them into the canal to drown(and without any of them waking up and escaping) without anyone noticing anything? How could that be done? Besides, what kind of parents would kill their own children?

As well, their younger kids were seized and not even allowed to visit them or communicate with them at all  the YRS they were in jail, which isn’t right, and when they testified in court they did admit the parents were strict but not abusive; that they were never beaten and they didn’t seem to be the type that would kill anyone. The kids were accused of being “coached” by the parents to say that, to make them look good, except for the fact they weren’t allowed any contact with their parents! Even after they testified they asked for permissi0n to give their parents a hug on the way out of the court room  and they were refused, which I think was heartless and cruel; even if it turns out they ARE guilty why should the kids have to suffer? Their whole family has been destroyed and so much so the remaining kids also had a suicide pact at one time as well they had been so devastated.

I just pray that the truth prevails either way; that if they are guilty they won’t get away with it, but if they are innocent that they won’t be wrongly convicted either. It is an interesting trial and fascinating story as well and it will be interesting to see what the end result will be. I, like many others, have been glued to this story for the past few months the trial has been going on.


The news reports now  said that condoms were also  found in the 17 YR old’s room and it makes me wonder with all the trouble the girls causing why didn’t they just send them back to Afghanistan with relatives where they’d be less likely to be whoring around? As well, I have a theory as to what might have caused the mysterious bruising on the tops of 3 of their heads(all but the 13 YR old): the car was found submerged upside-down in the water, so likely as it flipped the taller ones’ heads hit the ceiling of the car, causing the bruising(and knocking them out) but the little one was shorter so her head wouldn’t have hit.


As well, today is day 3 (I think; I’ve lost track) of my immobilizing headache. It’s so bad and they last for DAYS. It’s so bad I feel nauseated from the pain, have to nap each day(they’re exhausting and drain the life out of me) and I also get a stiff sore neck with them,dizzy, fatigued beyond belief ,and often have a fever as well. It feels like ice-picks in my skull and NOTHING works to relieve them; it just takes the “edge” off. It really SUCKS!!