Not Tech-Saavy.

 I have to admit that I am NOT tech-saavy, in fact, I am almost “Amish” in my knowledge and usage  of modern technology. Although I DO have this blog, do Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, download stuff, upload photos and use my hubby’s digital camera(although I do need the kids to help me with the complicated stuff!) I am NOT tech-saavy and I am probably the only person left on this planet that does not have, and does not desire to have, or feel I am missing out not having, a cell phone, iphone, ipad, ipod,Kindle,Bluetooth,Android, Blackberry, laptop computer(I just have a desktop) etc. I have also never texted in my life and up until just recently had no idea what it even was and had to ask the kids! The kids have a Wii and XBox but I never use those,either.

I don’t even like the new SmartTV.(I liked our old “dumb” TV better) It’s so complicated and has all these crazy features that cause me infinite grief. Something inevitibly goes wrong and the screen goes black and I have no idea how to get the picture back and have to yell to my hubby or kids to come help me although it usually occurs when I’m here alone with no one here that knows how to fix it.. It also connects to the Internet and you need a password to access the dumb thing too but my hubby refuses to tell me. Technology is too advanced for me to understand. I struggle with things generally anyway and all this high-tech stuff is out of my scope. I DO, however, love our GPS. My hubby used to always get lost driving everywhere(and like every other man refuses to stop and ask for directions, like he thinks it’s the Plague or something!) so it’s a God-send; now he doesn’t get lost anymore, but then again, it’s not ME using it personally,although I do still reap it’s benefits and it cuts down on fighting whenever we’re in the van!

I don’t even want an e-reader as much as I LOVE reading.I prefer to hold an old fashioned book in my hands(and inhale the wonderful new-book smell) and read and the print on the electronic books would probably be too small for me anyway and I wouldn’t be able to see it with my bad eyesight. I don’t need a cell phone either(the land line at home is fine and with my Social Phobia I don’t talk on the phone anyways!) I don’t need an ipad either(I have a computer) or an ipod(if I want to listen to music I have the radio or YouTube or just put a CD into my computer) . I likely couldn’t afford such things anyway and oddly though I don’t feel like I’m “missing”out not having these things. I have no need for them, no desire for them, and they would be intimidating to me anyway. I don’t “need” to have the biggest, best, most modern high-tech material things in life to be happy.Not that I’m happy anyway, but gadgets isn’t the key to happiness either.I have nothing “against” them for other people; they just aren’t for me. My kids have all these modern gadgets though.

My friend(since we were 12) was also “backwards” like me too until just recently.She “caved” in. She bought a new laptop and recently got a cell phone but she admits it confuses her too and she’s having a hassle with it. She laughs that we’re just “old farts.”I also don’t see the big fuss when a new Apple product comes out how people camp out overnight to be the first in line to buy it. Seriously? I could NEVER understand this logic, to buy goods, to get concert tickets, whatever.Once again, I am out of step with everyone else.


In other news, a sweet friend of mine tried to commit suicide again. Would you please keep her in your prayers? Our 13 YR old also got a new mattress and he’s seriously in LOVE with the thing which I think is hilarious; I mean, who’s in love with a mattress? The kids also played and jumped on the old mattresses before we threw them out. They are stained and gross and in such bad shape that we can’t even donate them. My mother also cruelly snickers to me, “You should just ACCEPT that you’re fat and ugly” and “You never go out anywhere anyway!” and when I watch the news my hubby hates it how when redneck sports comes on I change the channels and snarls, “No WONDER no one wants to be in the same room as you!” but it’s NOT even real “news” and unlike that crap the news is actually educational and you learn something. I hate and resent as well he’s trying to turn the kids into rednecks like he is and I want more for them; they can do much better and I want them to be cultured! There is a huge cultural “divide” between us and it causes alot of hostility, strife and discord.