After 3 months of trial and 15 HRS of deliberation the jury has found the Shafia mother, father,and son guilty of First Degree murder in the murder of their 3 daughters/sisters and first wife 3 YRS ago. I was expecting it since when the jury left the court room Friday they didn’t look at the accused; a classic indication it’ll be a guilty verdict; when it’s an innocent verdict the jury looks at the defendants. I also expected it due to a racial bias society today has in general against Arabs/ Muslims, like, “Oh, yes, an Honor Killing; they must be guilty!”

At first I had thought they were but then as more evidence came I had doubts and thought that they just MIGHT be innocent, such as so many doubts, inconsistancies and circumstantial evidence, incl. that there wouldn’t have been enough time to kill the 4 family members, put them into the car and push it into the canal from the time they were seen checking into the motel in Kingston until the son’s cell phone signal was picked up in Montreal.As well, the way their other children were describing them as loving parents didn’t fit the profile that they were abusive or the type that would kill their own children.Maybe it just WAS a tragic accident,afterall?

As time went on, however, I had doubts, esp. the damage done to the Lexus(the car that pushed their car into the water), the laptop searches “Where to commit a murder” and that the victims’  in the car did NOT have seat belts, that their seats were reclined back(you wouldn’t be driving that way) and that the car’s window was open and that the ignition was turned off. At that point I wondered if maybe they really were guilty afterall even though the sheer logistic of how they could pull off killing 4 people without anyone noticing still seems hard to fathom.

I do agree, however, that their daughters WERE whores and a shame and trouble  to their family(they also stole, had semi nude photos of themselves on their cell phones, snuck around with boys, were sent home from school for wearing slutty clothes, ran away, etc) but what I didn’t get is why didn’t they just kick them out? They had a few chances to do so; they could have allowed them to move out with the first wife and live with her, they could have let Children’s Aid take them when they first  showed up on the scene, or they could have sent them back to relatives in Afghanistan to live, where they would be away from the bad influences here and where being a whore isn’t accepted or encouraged like it is here. Why KILL them? 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

The whole thing is just sad, and I pray for all those involved, but who I really feel sorry for is their other 3 younger kids, who’s lives and family  have been destroyed already(taken by Children’s Aid 3 YRS ago when the crimes were committed) and they are innocent victims in all this too and have done nothing to deserve it(and weren’t even allowed to visit, or even talk to, their parents and brother in jail,either, which isn’t right; they didn’t  do anything wrong to deserve this) even if the others are guilty, and now they will languish in foster care(and we all know how the system destroys and breaks people) with their parents and brother in jail for the next 25 YRS.

Either way, we never really know for SURE what happened, the jury just does the best they can with the evidence at hand,only the accused,the victims, and God knows for sure, and I think the only thing worse than guilty people getting away with a crime is innocent people wrongly convicted. I hope and pray the jury made the right decision, but God will be the ultimate judge and knows what really happened but the whole thing is just sad overall.