Things I’ve Learned Never To Do Again.

 Things I’ve learned never to do again(due to painful past experience.) :

Stand behind a horse.

Stick my tongue on a frigid metal pole in winter.

Eat bugs.

Pick things off the sidewalk and eat it.

Natural childbirth.

Swallow salty ocean water.

Put my hand thru the cage bars of small animals.

Walk barefoot on the beach on hot sand and sharp rocks.

Jump off the garage roof.

Go out in the snow in bare feet.

Dig to China.

Kiss a sleeping dog.

Successfully committing suicide is harder than you might think and harder than it looks.

Trust people.

Tell anyone your deepest darkest secrets.

Put a pen lid in your mouth.

Take a dare.

Eat dog food.

Throw snowballs at passing cars.

Ride a bike with your hands off the handlebars and with your eyes closed.


As well,I read USA has 24 million people that are unemployed in this bad economy, and in Europe it’s 23 million, but that’s an entire CONTINENT, not just one country,and the entire population of this country is only 34 million! The Shafia murder verdict also has been a field day for the femi-nazis, turning it into the feminist agenda(barf) instead of just a domestic violence and murder issue(they always have to hijack everything for their cause) and to attack the Arab culture, and I carry a heaviness in my heart over the case as well and was really hoping that they were innocent,and it’s so sad for everyone involved: for those that are dead, for those spending the rest of their lives in jail, and for their 3 remaining kids forever lost to State care. Ironic as well how the gov’t says Honor killings have “no place in our ‘civilized’ society”…yeah, “right”, a society that slaughters countless unborn babies thru abortion and it’s perfectly legal to do so, a society that oppresses it’s own Native people and keeps them in poverty and despair, a society that goes to Afghanistan and kills innocent civilians and then welcomes the soldiers back home as “heroes”,etc. and is one of the most amoral and permissive countries in the world. Yeah, really “civilized”, my ASS!

My mom’s cough has been over a week now as well and not getting any better; it keeps her and everyone else awake at night and she lays in bed all day, even going for a nap just an HOUR after she wakes up and then says I’M “too controlling” and I “can’t tell her what to do!” when I suggested she really should go to a clinic and have it checked out as there’s something more than just a usual cough going on here and then added I’d “be happy” if she died! She’s just IMPOSSIBLE!! As for me, for the entire month of January there were only 3 days that I DIDN’T have a headache. For me, headaches are just a normal chronic daily part of life.

My hubby also sneered that I’m “perpetually angry”(no shit; I am miserably unhappy and hate my life and wish I was dead; sorry I’m NOT all “sunshine and rainbows!”) and snickered that I “don’t know how ‘good’ I have it!” Riiiiight….I’m deformed, depressed, beaten broken and victimized by life, have constant bad luck, my family hates me, I feel trapped,unwanted and unloved, everything we have is crap,and I’ll never feel safe again following all my traumas I’ve endured but I’m supposed to be thankful? I’m even blamed for how I feel as well and how can I NOT always be so negative and pessimistic when that’s  what I have experienced and had to live with for like 95% of my life and that’s all I know and what  life has taught me?

Screw it.

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