Boycotting Earth Hour.

 Today is Earth Hour, where people are encouraged to turn the lights off between 8:30-9:30 pm. We, of course, are doing the opposite in protest of enviro indoctrination and propaganda; we are turning all OUR lights ON, boycotting it! Environmentalism has become the New World “Religion”, brainwashing society into worshipping the creation and NOT the Creator! Caring for the earth and animal welfare has become more important than human need and that’s wrong. I agree we are to be good stewards of the earth God gave us, not to abuse it, but this is all going TOO far! The enviro-freaks are so zealous, in-your-face, nauseating granola-crunching,tree-hugging whack-a-doodles. We are so SICK of hearing about the fallacy and scare tactics of global warming, minimizing your carbon footprint,emissions, the ozone layer, climate change,recycling,biodegradables,over population, endangered species,going “Green” etc. yada, yada, yada. In honour of Earth Hour we will also be using aerosol cans, styrofoam cups, plastic bags, non-recyclable materials, etc. thumbing our noses at the sheeple that have become so brainwashed that they don’t even see it or realize it.We want NO part of it!


As well, I saw on the news my former(and hated) Junior High school has now been turned into a community centre and the grades 7 and 8 have been added to my former elementary school(that I liked) next door to it. Too bad they didn’t have that when *I* was there; having grades 7 and 8 at a separate school is always a recipe for disaster. I was also looking at Google Maps my old house and old school, bringing back happy nostalgic memories. I wish I could somehow relive, recreate and recapture that time, go back into the past, but I know even if I DID, it wouldn’t be the same; things change, but now I am grateful for my happy memories which have become even more precious. I saw now houses in the Upper Beaches area we lived are now 350 000$ and over(and that’s just for a 3 bedroom!); we couldn’t even afford to live there now! When I see cute teen boys it also reminds me of when I was a teen, and would have had “crushes” on boys like that(even though they didn’t even know I existed!!),and I miss that time, too; I didn’t know at the time it was good, but it was compared to now; it was a time where my life still had dreams,promise, hopes, plans, goals,a future, and before all the traumas started and before I was so damaged.

There’s a  frenzy in USA now as well over some gigantic lottery and it’s just so sad; greed is alive and well. Many people that have won lotteries have said how they regretted it too; how it destroyed their lives. People shouldn’t gamble, and they shouldn’t get caught up in the frenzy of greed. They said the odds are greater of dying of Flesh Eating Disease than winning the lottery, but I wouldn’t want either.

What Have You Done For Mankind?

 I read a man had a near-death experience and during this time he saw a “movie” of his life flashing before his eyes and was met with a Heavenly Being who asked him,”What have you done for mankind?” and he had to try and remember all the good selfless deeds he had done, and what he had forgotten the Heavenly Being remembered and brought up, incl. things that he had thought were minor, or insignificant, but ended up having more impact than he’d thought.

This weighed heavily on my mind and I began asking myself “What have *I* done for mankind?” for fear I would be found wanting, that I haven’t done enough, that I’m not good enough, that I don’t measure up,and that it might not “counter-act” all my failures. When I was done it ended up better than I had thought, and hoping that it “passes” and that it’s enough. Here is what I remembered:

I donate food to the foodbank every month

I donate clothing and we donated a chair to the needy

I have brought homeless people hot meals or coffee

As a kid, I befriended people no one liked and that everyone teased

I stand up for truth

I fight injustice

I gave a poor young single mother $$$ for train fare so she could visit her dying baby hospitalized in a city 2 HRS away.

I donate toys and school supplies to poor kids at Christmas

I donate $$$ to charities

I pray for everyone in need

I give $$$ to people begging in the street

I always hold doors open for people going in behind me

I always say “please” and “thank you” to cashiers, waiters, etc.

When I lived in the cities I would give streetcar/bus/subway tickets to people that didn’t have one

We are told in the Bible to visit the sick and those in prison, to clothe the naked,to look after the resident alien, the widow,and the orphan.We are to love our neighbour as ourselves, to show kindness, fairness,and impartiality.We are told to feed the hungry,and care for the blind and the lame. We are not to lend or borrow and not to charge interest or fraud someone. We are to be honest in all our dealings and not to lie, cheat, steal, or take advantage. I hope when my time comes and I am asked,”What have you done for mankind?” that it is satisfactory; that I can honestly say that I did the best I could with what I have. I want to have a clear conscience and to not have turned my back when I could have done more.I have always felt(and been told!) unworthy and worthless in life, that I’m not good enough, but I hope in this case(where it really matters!) that I can be reassured, “You have done well,good and faithful servant!” yet I worry it’s NOT enough,and won’t “make up” for the bad and what’s lacking will outweigh what good I hoped I have done…


In other news, the 17 YR old said he’s content in life just having a “minimal” job and income, renting a room somewhere,and having a cozy bed, “decent” food, a water cooler, and be able to play video games. That’s all he wants out of life and I don’t know if it means he’s depressed, is just lazy and  aimless and has no goals or ambition, or just isn’t materialistic. I was hoping for more for him though; to get a degree(or at least a diploma!) in something that he likes, that he’s good at, and that will make a decent living, not be content to be a bachelor his whole life,playing video games! As for the other kids, the 15 YR old is thinking of a possible future in either music, art, or design, the 14 YR old either carpentry or medicine, the 12 YR old in film making, the 10 YR old fashion design and the 8 YR old an artist.The oldest 2 are already in university; one in her 3rd YR and the other in his 4th YR.

Legalizing Sin.

 The gov’t just legalized brothels the other day and now they say they’re also encouraging,and making it easier, to gamble! They are making more casinos and race tracks, and allowing more stores to sell lottery tickets and promoting more online gambling. It sickens and disgusts me how they legalize, promote,and encourage sin,and all the while making $$$$ off it by taxes! It seems the gov’t is no better than a pimp; making an income off sin, being in the business of sin, and making it easier, more accessible and encouraging and promoting it! Satan must be smiling with glee!

There is also some discussion of perhaps legalizing marijuana as well and as much as I don’t agree with it, it also makes me wonder: if marijuana is illegal then why isn’t alcohol, which is far worse, affects other people more(as opposed to just the user themselves) and is an even bigger scourge on society with binge drinking, under age drinking, drunk driving, alcoholism, bar fights,etc..Why DO they allow alcohol to be legal and not marijuana? I’m surprised they haven’t yet, and then they can tax THAT too and make even more illicit “blood money” off sin. I have such a great horror of sin and contempt for the world.How much WORSE can the gov’t GET? How much more can society slip into the abyss,trap, and slavery of sin? What ELSE will be considered “normal” and “acceptable?” How much more  permissive and worse can society GET? I will NEVER be, not do I want to be, part of this world!


As well, I wondered why the water in my bath wasn’t going down the drain,and further inspection showed a MOUSE was stuck in the drain! I freaked out,and hope to God that it WASN’T actually IN the tub WITH me; I mean, wouldn’t I have noticed if it was floating in the water?(my hubby says that’s what I’m trying to convince myself) Hopefully it was just in the drain and I put the plug on it, not noticing, and then when I removed the plug when I was done it was underneath it? The thought just grosses me out and now I will be paranoid every time I take a bath; checking the tub and the drain for mice! Yeeeeccch!

I also hope my gallbladder surgery won’t be in May as May is always a bad luck month for us; something bad ALWAYS happens in May, such as 12 out of 14 family members that died have died in May, our dog died in May, we had the fire in May, our enemy started terrorizing us in May,my mom lost a job in May, we got robbed in May, we have expensive house repairs we can’t afford in May, etc. something bad happens EVERY YR in May(so much so we dread the month and wait in trepidation each May for what will hit us next and can’t wait for the month to be over!) so there would more likely be complications if I had it in May, and if I hope for a more than 50% chance of surviving it, May wouldn’t be a good choice….

I heard as well about that JetBlue pilot that had a meltdown of some sort and went all psychotic mid-flight and had to be locked out of the cockpit and restrained and was dragged off and now faces 20 YRS in prison and the loss of his career and I feel badly for the  guy. I mean, he wouldn’t CHOOSE to be like that, it isn’t his fault,and I’m sure he’d be mortified to realize what he did. I can understand you can’t risk someone unstable like that flying your plane, but I still feel sorry for the poor guy(and for his family who must be so embarrassed) who has lost his career, and  possibly his mind and his freedom.So sad.

I also heard on one news report that Trayvon Martin’s killer has finally been charged….yet on another station they said he hadn’t yet, so I don’t know what’s true or not. It was also reported the killer had been in jail before as well.There is so much more that keeps coming out and it always changes.

Mandatory Gym Class?

 Now the “Big Brother” Liberal provincial gov’t is trying to pass a law to make gym class/Phys.Ed mandatory all thru highschool! Egads!! I had to take it up to grade 9 or 10(I forget)which was bad enough, and I HATED it!! I hated Gym as much as I hated math! With my breathing problem I can’t exert myself and I don’t know HOW many times I had to stop running around the gym and sit down, out of breath, panting, huffing and puffing, struggling to breathe, having to rest before I passed out, and to have the gym teacher yell at me and say it was an “excuse” and to “stop being lazy” etc. I also HATE sports, suck at it, and was always the last one chosen for any team and bullied.Gym class was a nightmare I couldn’t WAIT to be rid of!(I liked swim but not gym)

I am so glad my kids aren’t in the “Gov’t Training Centres” otherwise known as public schools. They get lots of exercise anyway; going for walks when the weather is nice,bike riding, rollerblading,skating(in winter) and we have the pool ,swings,and trampoline in our backyard. They also like to skip rope and run around the yard.I think exercise is important for kids but I don’t think the gov’t should mandate it, regulate it, control it, etc. I think the school should have gym class available and OPTIONAL  for those that WANT to take it, but not force those that don’t. It was a nightmare for me and I know I’m not alone!

I also have issues with the gov’t so forcefully against obesity. It’s like an  all-out war on fat people, like saying they’re inferior, undesirable, less worthy, etc. and don’t give me that crap about how they “care” about the people and want them to be healthy, because if they DID then cigarettes and alcohol would be illegal instead of the gov’t legalizing, promoting, encouraging, and taxing, sin. They just want power over people, to oppress them, and to make money out of it!

The schools have their priorities all wrong as well. Kids graduate and they can’t even read, spell, write an essay, write a formal letter,or do basic math, yet they DO know how to put a condom on a banana, march in a Gay Pride parade, attend a Planned Parenthood rally, volunteer at an animal shelter, hug trees and recycle! They are so busy indoctrinating and brainwashing them  socially that they don’t teach them the basics of learning.USA is a good example of this where kids can be as dumb as bricks but go to college on football scholarships. How screwed up is THAT? Instead of investing $$$$ on mandatory gym class, how about concentrate on the CORE subjects instead? Duh. Like Mark Twain said,”God created the idiot for practice, then He created the school board” and “I never let public schooling interfere with my education.” Thank GOD we homeschool!!


As well,the surgeon’s office called(my mom answered pretending to be me as with my Social Phobia I can’t talk on the phone to strangers) and I have a consultation with him the end of April with the surgery date just 6-8 weeks after(unless the gallbladder ruptures in the meantime, ha ha) and I’m surprised as I thought it would be like 5 MONTHS or so later! I also hope I can get the laproscopic surgery(compared to the traditional 7 inch incision “open” surgery) as I can go home later that same day or the next, and recovery is shorter and easier. With the “classic” version there’s more likelihood of complications, longer recovery, more pain,and a 5-7 day hospital stay.With MY “luck” watch them NOT even HAVE the laproscopic here!

We also drained the 2-3 foot “swamp”(fetid green algae infested mosquito breeding ground water) off the pool cover with a pump we bought(it took 2 days!), as it can’t wait until the pool guys come in May, the squirrels chewed thru another hole in the roof/kitchen ceiling again so my hubby had to plug it up, fearful they could chew wires and cause a fire, and we got a 10 foot or so wooden Cross from the kids’ church youth group that we have to sand, repaint and repair,  allin time for their Good Friday pageant next week….