Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter! Today is NOT about a stupid bunny, chicks, ducks, eggs, or even chocolate; it is about Jesus rising from the dead and in doing so giving us new life! It is a glorious day or rejoicing and celebrating and the basis of the Christian faith.

Easter Vigil Mass  was uplifting as always, with the fire, the candles, incense,and bells.It wasn’t as long as usual(usually 90 min)as they only did a few readings(instead of all 8) and no one was being baptized. My gallbladder also started to act up and give me a sore back radiating with a dull pain as well and I was all crampy and uncomfortable but I refused to leave; last YR I even went when I had the Flu! It is my fave. liturgy of the entire YR as well as the holiest day! As for Easter, the kids also have baskets full of candies and toys,a scavenger hunt, and we have a big dinner in the diningroom.

He is risen! Alleluia!!